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Harry Potter

PotterBoy32: *sits next to Remus on the sofa with a sigh* I don't see how you do it, Remus. I really don't.
mwpp moony: *looks up from chewing on his sugar quill to Harry, eyebrows raised* Do what?
PotterBoy32: Put up with them! James and Sirius!
mwpp moony: Oh, that. Simple, just ignore them.
PotterBoy32: I can't. I keep getting complaints from different people, mostly girls, about them harrassing them.
mwpp moony: Oh...hmm... *chews on his sugar quill again, not really having a solution for that* They usually have a phase where they're completely obsessed with one girl and after a week or so they move on to being obsessed with another. But then again, James's been after Lily for ages...
PotterBoy32: Well, how can I get them to stop? I'm going to have to kick them off the team and have tryouts again if they keep it up.
mwpp moony: If you threaten them with that, they just might stop. Quidditch is on their top five list...along with food and girls... *picks up a sugar quill on the table before him, holding it out to Harry* Want one?
PotterBoy32: Erm...no thanks. The thing that really irks me, is that they hit on all the girls. No wonder Mu....um...Lily doesn't want James.
mwpp moony: *puts the quill down, resuming to suck on his* I think...and I could be wrong... James and Sirius just like bothering the girls more than actually dating them. Also so they can brag about it to other blokes...
PotterBoy32: *makes a face* How's that going to get them anywhere?
mwpp moony: But on instances like James and Lily...I think he really likes her, he hasn't given up on her yet, has he?
PotterBoy32: So why's he still hit on other girls? It's not making her jealous...
mwpp moony: *stops sucking on his quill* *smiles* James isn't too bright when it comes to understanding a girl.
PotterBoy32: Neither am I, but I know better than that!
mwpp moony: But you're not competing with anyone about how many girls you talk up, are you?
PotterBoy32: *makes a face* No. Why would I do that?
mwpp moony: *shrugs* But that's what James and Sirius do. You should listen to the conversations they have in the dorms at the end of the day.
PotterBoy32: I don't know if I want to.
mwpp moony: *grins, the circles under his eyes becoming more prominent* Silencing spells comes in handy.
PotterBoy32: *looks closer at him* You look tired, Remus...
mwpp moony: It was full moon last week.
PotterBoy32: Oh, right...*turns more fully to him* What all do you guys do out there?
mwpp moony: Erm, well...uh...they just stay with me to keep me company actually. And with that potion that Snape makes, we all come back with less scratches and bites than usual. *smiles slightly*
PotterBoy32: Oh...I thought you guys went and...did stuff...
mwpp moony: Like what?
PotterBoy32: I dunno. You made the map from stuff you did I thought.
mwpp moony: Oh, the map... That's mostly from getting to detentions and looking for secret passageways instead of doing what we're supposed to be doing.
PotterBoy32: Oh...didn't you get in trouble for that?
mwpp moony: Getting in trouble and getting more detentions just meant more opportunities to look for more places within the castle.
PotterBoy32: *can't help but grin* I guess so. That's probably why all detentions are supervised completely now.
mwpp moony: *stares at Harry for a moment* It's uncanny. You look exactly like James when you grin like that.
PotterBoy32: *stops grinning, clearing his throat* Right...yeah. Sorry about that.
mwpp moony: *brow furrows* What for?
PotterBoy32: Uh...nothing.
mwpp moony: *nods, letting it pass* Well if you're going to have a talk with them, I'd say start with Sirius. He has more influence on James than anyone.
PotterBoy32: Yeah? James seems easier to talk to.
mwpp moony: Did you ever look at his eyes when you're talking to him? They just glaze over...everything you're saying to him goes in one ear and just falls out the other. *smiles, amusing himself at his comment on his friend*
PotterBoy32: Really? *makes a face* He's worse than I thought.
mwpp moony: *laughs, standing as he gathers up his books* That's the way it is. Then you just learn how to ignore everything. I guess that's not good for my Prefect image, but...as long as you don't tell anyone. *smiles* I'm going to head up, get some sleep.
PotterBoy32: *nods* Thanks for the talk...
mwpp moony: *shrugs, continuing to smile* I wasn't much help. See you. *walks around the couch, heading towards the boys' dormitories*
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