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mwpp padfoot: *jogs to catch up with her, grinning* Great're really good.
RedheadGin7: *smiles back at him, trying to rush to the locker rooms* Thanks, you too.
mwpp padfoot: Where'd you learn to play like that? Not a lot of girls that are as competitive as you.
RedheadGin7: I have six brothers who never used to let me play with them.
mwpp padfoot: That's a pity. *winks at her* I'll practice extra with you if you'd like.
RedheadGin7: *can't believe he's still hitting on her after she's turned him down so many times* No, it's ok...I like practicing with all the team members around...
mwpp padfoot: You sure? Could work on perfecting your technique. I wouldn't mind at all.
RedheadGin7: My technique?
mwpp padfoot: Yeah, you know...dodging bludgers...*shrugs* Kissing...whatever you wanted to work on.
RedheadGin7: *eye brows raise, turning to face him again* Kissing?
mwpp padfoot: Yeah, I wouldn't mind. I mean, I'm sure you're good at it already, but no one's perfect. Practice makes perfect.
RedheadGin7: Erm...that's great? I don't think I need any practice in that...area. *faces front again, picking up her pace and hoping that he'll get the hint this time*
mwpp padfoot: We could practice other stuff, I wouldn't mind.
RedheadGin7: *mutters to herself* I don't want to know what the other stuff is... *whimpers, wishing he'd just stop*
mwpp padfoot: *keeps up with her* Just eat dinner with me then! I don't bite...unless you want me to *grins*
RedheadGin7: I can't...*starts thinking up excuses* I'm eating dinner with somebody else...
mwpp padfoot: Who? They won't mind, I promise.
RedheadGin7: *chews on her lip before speaking* I think he'd mind...
mwpp padfoot: Who is this "he"?
RedheadGin7: *scans around her* Um, Harry. Harry Potter.
PotterBoy32: *looks up at the mention of his name, scowling as he sees Sirius bothering Ginny again* *stands to go over to them*
mwpp padfoot: That guy? Are you kidding me? Have you seen me and him? Perhaps you need glasses...
RedheadGin7: Harry! *walks around Sirius to Harry's side, slinging her arm around his* *whispers quietly* Please play along, it was the only thing I could think of to get him to back off... *smiles brightly* What do you think the house elves made for dinner tonight?
PotterBoy32: *is way confused, having to completely halt his train of thought and move to another* Erm...Potatoes?
mwpp padfoot: *stares at them incredulously* I haven't seen you two together anywhere else...
RedheadGin7: *lying with ease, considering how much practice she's had of it* Oh, we don't like to show off our relationship to other people a lot...the Daily Prophet would be all over it!
PotterBoy32: Yeah, low profile and all.
mwpp padfoot: Uh huh...*looks at them skeptically* Well, I'll see you later then I guess.
RedheadGin7: Bye... *waves at Sirius as he leaves them be, letting go of Harry's arm* I am so sorry about that! But he wouldn't leave me alone and wanted me to have dinner with him and bunch of other weird things...
PotterBoy32: *shakes his head* I talked to him, him and James, they don't listen at all!
RedheadGin7: And I couldn't think of anyone else to name, and you just happened to be around at the time...and you know what hard time I've been having with the both of them, so... *bites her lip, shoulders raising a bit, looking sheepish* You're not mad at me or anything, are you?
PotterBoy32: No, no, it's fine. If it'll keep them from messing with you, I'm happy to help. *smiles* It's not like there's someone else that'll get jealous or something.
RedheadGin7: Are you kidding? Now that we're *makes air quotes* dating, all the girls in this castle are going to hate me for the rest of my life, and I can't tell them it's not real since the word'll get back to your dad and Sirius.
PotterBoy32: Well, it's not like I'd date them anyway, so it's okay. Don't worry about it, really. *eyes widen* Your brother might not like it though.
RedheadGin7: I think he should just be grateful that I didn't say that...Dean was still my boyfriend, or even give in to going on a date with Sirius. *makes a face, sticking her tongue out, then laughing*
PotterBoy32: *laughs with her* Good point.
RedheadGin7: *laughter dies down, replaced by a serious sigh* What did we get ourselves into? *starts laughing again*
PotterBoy32: *laughs* Well, look, I need to shower...don't want to be stinky at dinner with my new girlfriend. *grins at her*
RedheadGin7: *rolls her eyes, smiling, blushing a bit* Oh alright, if you have to. I'm going to go tell Ron so he doesn't start freaking out. I swear, there's no way anyone would actually believe Ron was my older brother...just look at how he acts!
PotterBoy32: Oh, they'd believe it, as protective as he is? I'll see you later, Ginny.
RedheadGin7: *gives him a wave* Thanks Harry. See you. *turns around, waiting for Ron, seeing him head toward her direction, pondering if she should conjure up some earplugs*
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