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Characters: James and Harry
Where: Commonroom
Rating: Ooo, PG-13?
Synopsis: James and Harry fight about homework and the truth comes out.

PotterBoy32: *sits alone on the sofa in front of the fire, reading Quidditch Through the Ages again, distracting himself from all the homework he should be doing*
mwpp prongs: *walks into the common room, arms full of books from the library, annoyed that he actually had to go and get books* *glances over to Harry, a little nervous*
PotterBoy32: *glances up as he comes in, scowling a bit as he looks back at the book*
mwpp prongs: *walks over to where he's sitting, dumping the books on the table* Evening Potter
PotterBoy32: I'm sure.
mwpp prongs: *glances at the book* Quidditch through the Ages, not really helping with homework is it?
PotterBoy32: What do you care? *flips a page*
mwpp prongs: You don't want to fall behind in class
PotterBoy32: Whatever. I can do my homework later.
mwpp prongs: You wont have enough time *temper starts to flare*
PotterBoy32: Who are you to tell me what to do? Mind your own business.
mwpp prongs: Don't you use that tone with me!
PotterBoy32: *turns to him, angry* What? Are you looking to get into trouble?
mwpp prongs: *glares* Of course not you idiot
PotterBoy32: Well, you're doing a damn good job of it for not trying.
mwpp prongs: Just do your bloody homework okay?
PotterBoy32: No! You can't tell me what to do!
mwpp prongs: I can!
PotterBoy32: Can not! Who the hell do you think you are?
mwpp prongs: I know damn well who I am and so do you, son
PotterBoy32: *opens his mouth to reply, but just stares at him* *closes his mouth, fuming* You still can't tell me what to do.
mwpp prongs: I can, it's in the genetics
PotterBoy32: *scowls* I can't believe a git like you is my father.
mwpp prongs: I can't believe a prat like you is my son
PotterBoy32: I'm starting to regret it...
mwpp prongs: You're not the only one
PotterBoy32: *scowls, going back to his book* Leave me alone.
mwpp prongs: *picks his books back up* Fine
PotterBoy32: And don't try bossing me around because you fooled around with someone.
mwpp prongs: *scoffs* I can't believe I wanted to find out who your mother is. I hope I never meet her
PotterBoy32: *smirks* Right.
mwpp prongs: *sticks his middle finger up at him before storming up to his room*

Characters: James and Harry, again
Where: Commonroom, again
Rating: The one up from PG-13, I don't know the American rating system.
Synopsis: James is all nice, they talk, and James gives Harry the talk.

mwpp prongs: *sitting in the common room in the seat next to the fire, books spread over the table* *quill between his teeth as he reads the books*
PotterBoy32: *steps into the common room with Ron and Hermione, scowling as he sees him* *looks over at Ron as he says something about going up to his room, Hermione running off to work on homework*
mwpp prongs: *looks up as he hears the portrait swing open, hoping for Sirius* *sighs as he sees Harry, setting the quill on the table* Harry!
PotterBoy32: *looks over at James* *mutters to himself* Great. *louder* What?
mwpp prongs: Come over here
PotterBoy32: *raises an eyebrow* Why?
mwpp prongs: Because
PotterBoy32: That's not a good reason, sorry. *starts to walk towards the stairs up to the dorm*
mwpp prongs: I have something to say to you, and you need to come here because I'm not going to shout it out to the entire common room
PotterBoy32: *turns back to him, scowling* You could try please.
mwpp prongs: Fine, please Harry
PotterBoy32: *still kind of angry, but walks over to him anyway, since he did say please.*
mwpp prongs: Sit down, please?
PotterBoy32: *sighs* Fine. *sits in a chair* Yes?
mwpp prongs: *sighs, composing himself so he doesn't look a complete plonker* I'm sorry
PotterBoy32: *tilts his head, waiting for him to continue* For?
mwpp prongs: being a dick earlier, you know with the whole homework issue
PotterBoy32: I'm sure.
mwpp prongs: I am, I didn't mean for you to find out that I knew that way, I was thinking a more adult conversation. I'm still concerned about the lack of homework though
PotterBoy32: I get it all done, I just don't do it right away.
mwpp prongs: Sounds like Sirius
PotterBoy32: Sounds like you too, from what I've heard.
mwpp prongs: I do my work
PotterBoy32: So do I.
mwpp prongs: I know
PotterBoy32: So stop fussing.
mwpp prongs: I want you to get a good education, I do care you know
PotterBoy32: I'm getting an education, don't worry. That's not your job.
mwpp prongs: I do worry though, I mean, you are my kid
PotterBoy32: *sighs* Right. Who told you about that anyway?
mwpp prongs: Luna Lovegood, you know her?
PotterBoy32: Yeah...when did you talk with her?
mwpp prongs: On our date, Saturday, she was telling me some history
PotterBoy32: *eyes narrow* Your date? You went on a date with Luna?
mwpp prongs: Yeah
PotterBoy32: Why Luna?
mwpp prongs: She's cute
PotterBoy32: She's cute? Are you going to go out with her again?
mwpp prongs: Maybe, I don't know, not really seen her since she told me about you and that trees can move
PotterBoy32: *smiles, glad Luna was herself* She said that?
mwpp prongs: Yeah, you like her?
PotterBoy32: No...she's a good friend, though. I'd hate to see her get hurt. Or used.
mwpp prongs: Tell her to stay away from Sirius then
PotterBoy32: He's been after her too?? Merlin!
mwpp prongs: Relax, he doesn't want her anymore
PotterBoy32: Anymore? Why? What happened?
mwpp prongs: Typical Sirius, got what he wanted and moved on. He likes the chase, typical dog
PotterBoy32: *brow furrows* Got what he wanted?
mwpp prongs: The girl
PotterBoy32: No, I mean...what exactly did he want from the girl?
mwpp prongs: *shrugs* wouldn't tell me
PotterBoy32: Right...well, I hope it wasn't what I'm thinking it was.
mwpp prongs: What, sex?
PotterBoy32: Yes.
mwpp prongs: She doesn't seem the type to sleep with Sirius
PotterBoy32: No, I would hope not.
mwpp prongs: Shit, I don't have to give you the talk do I?
PotterBoy32: *makes a face at him* I know about sex...mostly...
mwpp prongs: *raises his eyebrow* really
PotterBoy32: I am sixteen.
mwpp prongs: I know that. So what exactly do you know?
PotterBoy32: I dunno...I know how it's done, I suppose...
mwpp prongs: that's it?
PotterBoy32: Well, I've never done it, so I don't know everything about it.
mwpp prongs: nothing about foreplay?
PotterBoy32: *wrinkles his nose* About what?
mwpp prongs: *sighs* Merlin, you don't do you. It's like, preping the oven
PotterBoy32: Right...and...why do you have to do that?
mwpp prongs: *sighs again* Sometimes it take girls longer to get, you know, turned on
PotterBoy32: Oh...why?
mwpp prongs: because they're different from guys, they need work before sex
PotterBoy32: Oh. Well, I mean...what all do you do?
mwpp prongs: well, there's kissing, and touching involved, and lips
PotterBoy32: I see. *clears his throat* Glad you cleared that up.
mwpp prongs: So, do you understand?
PotterBoy32: Sure, yeah...
mwpp prongs: about where to touch
PotterBoy32: *starts to nod but then shakes his head*
mwpp prongs: Well, the neck's a good pace to start, then move onto the tits, and then, further down south, you know?
PotterBoy32: *eyes widen at his mental image, nodding* Right, right...
mwpp prongs: And then of course, your mouth can pretty much follow the same path
PotterBoy32: Uh huh...right. That's...you've done that?
mwpp prongs: well, no. But Sirius has, and he says girls like it
PotterBoy32: Oh, right...Sirius. How did he learn?
mwpp prongs: Experience with older girls
PotterBoy32: *shakes his head* Is there anything he hasn't done?
mwpp prongs: He hasn't done anything with a guy as far as I know
PotterBoy32: *coughs* Well...that's...good.
mwpp prongs: Yeah, wouldn't put it past him though, not if he was horny enough
PotterBoy32: *looks at James, surprised* Really? That's going a little far...
mwpp prongs: It is Sirius
PotterBoy32: This is true...
mwpp prongs: So, er, anything else you need to know?
PotterBoy32: I don't know...I don't even know what I should ask...
mwpp prongs: right, well if you get any questions, just ask me
PotterBoy32: I'll be sure to. I'll need a girl first, though
mwpp prongs: I'm sure there's loads of girls that want you
PotterBoy32: Because I'm famous.
mwpp prongs: You're famous? Luna left out that little detail
PotterBoy32: Well...because of Voldemort. Then there's all the stuff I've done here...
mwpp prongs: Ah, Voldemort, heard of him. So what kind of stuff have you done then?
PotterBoy32: Well, I faced off with Voldemort again my first year with Ron and Hermione, then Ron and I saved his little sister from a younger form of Voldemort in the Chamber of Secrets, then third year I er...well, that one wasn't major. Fourth year I...I won the Tri-Wizard tournament. Didn't really like that one since Voldemort came back...then last year I went to the Ministry and fought some Death Eaters and stopped them from getting this prophecy something...not important...
mwpp prongs: Sounds pretty important. So you're like a hero to all wizard kind?
PotterBoy32: *shrugs* I guess. I don't really like it.
mwpp prongs: I don't think i'd like it much either, seems more like the kind of thing Sirius would love
PotterBoy32: I just wanted to be normal. Guess I'm not cut out for it.
mwpp prongs: well you got a pretty normal dad, that should count for something, right?
PotterBoy32: *laughs* You're not normal.
mwpp prongs: *mock hurt* Thanks
PotterBoy32: You're not, and you know it, I don't know why you're hurt.
mwpp prongs: *grins* I don't see why you'd want to be normal, normal's boring
PotterBoy32: It gets boring being famous a lot...
mwpp prongs: I can imagine. You need to find a girl that likes you for you
PotterBoy32: Exactly...There are only a few people here that actually know me for me.
mwpp prongs: What about Hermione?
PotterBoy32: I couldn't date her. She's like my sister.
mwpp prongs: Luna?
PotterBoy32: *laughs* I don't know about that...she's a bit odd.
mwpp prongs: What about Weasley's sister? She's kinda hot
PotterBoy32: *shrugs* Maybe...I suppose...
mwpp prongs: you just suppose?
PotterBoy32: Well, it could be worse than her.
mwpp prongs: but it could be better? Is that what you're saying?
PotterBoy32: Not really...I don't know. I don't really like anyone a lot or anything...
mwpp prongs: But you like them, and that's better than just being friends. You never know when someone might surprise you
PotterBoy32: I guess. We'll see.
mwpp prongs: *smiles* Having a girlfriends not that bad
PotterBoy32: Yeah? You have one? Not Luna...
mwpp prongs: Not now, but I did
PotterBoy32: Oh...who?
mwpp prongs: Someone back in my own time
PotterBoy32: I might know her...I've seen a lot from the past.
mwpp prongs: No one important
PotterBoy32: Oh...okay.
mwpp prongs: definitely not the person I wish was my girlfriend
PotterBoy32: Who do you want to be your girlfriend?
mwpp prongs: Lily Evans
PotterBoy32: Oh, right...you really like her, huh?
mwpp prongs: yeah
PotterBoy32: That's...good.
mwpp prongs: good? why?
PotterBoy32: *shrugs* It's good to like someone?
mwpp prongs: I know that
PotterBoy32: So..that's why it's good.
mwpp prongs: okay, just seemed like you were happy I was after Evans
PotterBoy32: No, no...just...I dunno. I mean, I already knew you liked her...Remus told me...
mwpp prongs: I didn't know you and Moony were mates
PotterBoy32: He's nice. He's easy to talk to.
mwpp prongs: Yeah, a bit gay at times
PotterBoy32: That's a bit harsh, don't you think.
mwpp prongs: well he is
PotterBoy32: Nothing wrong with that.
mwpp prongs: No, but it's fun to tease him about it
PotterBoy32: Why would you do that?
mwpp prongs: because it passes the time
PotterBoy32: It's not that boring around here.
mwpp prongs: it is sometimes
PotterBoy32: *smirks* That's when you should do your homework.
mwpp prongs: *rolls his eyes* I do my homework
PotterBoy32: Uh huh...
mwpp prongs: I do
PotterBoy32: I'm sure. I believe you.
mwpp prongs: It's Peter who copies, I'm smart and remember things
PotterBoy32: Oh, right. So how long did it take you to become an Animagus?
mwpp prongs: You know about that?
PotterBoy32: *grins* I know a lot of things.
mwpp prongs: I guess I must have told you a lot of things about Hogwarts before you started, yeah?
PotterBoy32: Er...yeah...*gets a little sad* Yeah, that's it...
mwpp prongs: So, did I tell you about the Marauders map? *pulls it out of his pocket* Absolutely brilliant, saved me and Sirius from detention many times
PotterBoy32: Oh? Right, yeah...erm, I think Filch took it away from you at some point...
mwpp prongs: probably Peter, he's always losing it, gets peanut butter over it as well
PotterBoy32: *can't help but grin* Don't worry, it was rescued from his office...
mwpp prongs: by you?
PotterBoy32: Nah, by Ron's brothers, Fred and George. Best Jokers ever at Hogwarts.
mwpp prongs: Other than the Marauders of course
PotterBoy32: No. Ever. You've seen that bit of swamp upstairs? That used to be an entire corridor. They were trying to get rid of the new Headmistress. Worked too. Well...mostly.
mwpp prongs: I can remember we once made it rain for days in the Great Hall, proper rain too, they had to have umbrella's over the food so it wouldn't get wet. Took Dumbledore ages to figure out it was really a weather charm and was placed over the top of the original charm rather than a fault with the original
PotterBoy32: Fred and George invented these fireworks, kind of like Filibusters, but better, they'd go off for hours, and they set off a whole case of them once. Poor Umbridge...did I say poor?
mwpp prongs: *laughs* Really?
PotterBoy32: Oh, yeah. Some of them would go into the shape of dragons and fly around...
mwpp prongs: sounds bloody brilliant
PotterBoy32: It was...you should have met Umbridge, you'd have hated her...
mwpp prongs: Umbridge, that sounds familiar. Not Dolores Umbridge?
PotterBoy32: Yeah...you know her?
mwpp prongs: Yeah, a right toad, fancies the pants of Sirius
PotterBoy32: *makes a face* The pants?
mwpp prongs: Bloody obsessed with him she was, really sickening
PotterBoy32: *shudders* Ew.
mwpp prongs: I know, I can't believe she was Headmistress here, that's really freaky
PotterBoy32: It was only because she got Dumbledore put in prison.
mwpp prongs: How the hell did she manage that?
PotterBoy32: He may or may not have attacked an Auror. When Voldemort came back, the Ministry refused to believe it. There were some who did, but a lot who didn't.
mwpp prongs: The ministry of magic sound like a bunch of prats then
PotterBoy32: They were. They didn't believe it because I was the only one who had seen it, and Rita Skeeter had written something about me being mental.
mwpp prongs: *laughs* Rita Skeeter. She's a bitch too.
PotterBoy32: Yeah. I hate her. 'Course, it was her that got me out of the jam too.
mwpp prongs: yeah? Can't imagine her doing anything nice
PotterBoy32: She was forced to do it by Hermione. Hermione found out she had a bit of a secret...
mwpp prongs: Rita always was secretive, and spread rumours like wild fire. Me and Sirius once started a rumour about her and Snape, she was so pissed off at us
PotterBoy32: She talks too much for Snape, he'd end up hexing her.
mwpp prongs: Yeah
PotterBoy32: Turns out she was an animagus too...
mwpp prongs: Really?
PotterBoy32: Yeah...she turns into a beetle, so she can get closet to the story.
mwpp prongs: I'll have to remember that for when we get back, good blackmail material
PotterBoy32: I dunno when she learned it though...you might give her the idea...
mwpp prongs: God, I hope not
PotterBoy32: See? I wouldn't mention it if I were you.
mwpp prongs: Good point
PotterBoy32: Gotta be careful with this time travel stuff...
mwpp prongs: yeah
PotterBoy32: So...uh...was there anything else you wanted to know?
mwpp prongs: Not really, anything you wanted to know?
PotterBoy32: *shakes head* Not that I can think of...
mwpp prongs: So, er, homework? *picks up his quill*
PotterBoy32: Right...I've got to go up...I'll talk to you later, James.
mwpp prongs: Talk to you later, Harry
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