Luna Lovegood (luna__lovegood) wrote in potterfic,
Luna Lovegood

Characters: Luna Lovegood and James Potter
Where: By the lake
Rating: PG at worst.
Synopsis: Luna shares a history lesson with James Potter
mwpp prongs: *sits out in the courtyard on a bench, checking his watch*
Luna Lovegood 52: *wanders into the courtyard, carrying a sandwich and looking around* *sees him* Oh, hello.
mwpp prongs: *stands* Hey Luna *Bends and picks up picnic basket* ready to go?
Luna Lovegood 52: Oh, yes. Where are we going? *holds up her sandwich* I brought a sandwich.
mwpp prongs: I thought we could go and sit by the lake *looks at her sandwich* you didn't have to bring that, I got plenty in here *motions to basket*
Luna Lovegood 52: It's my favorite. I wasn't sure what you'd bring...Roast Niffler or something...could be anything.
mwpp prongs: There's chicken, ham, cheese or beef, nothing weird, you know, I didn't know what your favourite was
Luna Lovegood 52: Oh, it's okay. *smiles*
mwpp prongs: *leads her through the courtyard and towards the lake* So, Sirius told me you went on a date with him
Luna Lovegood 52: Oh, yes, it was very delightful.
mwpp prongs: Really? He didn't tell me much about it. *stops under a tree, close to the lake* Want to sit here?
Luna Lovegood 52: Sure...*makes sure it's only gras she's sitting on as she sits* Did you want to hear about it? Is that why you asked to see me?
mwpp prongs: No, of course not. I asked you out because you're cute, and funny from what I've heard
Luna Lovegood 52: *smiles, staring out to the lake* Cute? Like a rabbit?
mwpp prongs: Cute, you know, pretty
Luna Lovegood 52: Pretty. I see. *unwraps her sandwich, not really caring if he's eating yet or not*
mwpp prongs: *grabs a sandwich out of the basket, not caring about the flavour* Something wrong with me thinking you're pretty?
Luna Lovegood 52: Oh, no, of course not. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I think Sirius thought I was pretty too.
mwpp prongs: I'm sure he did *takes a bite out of his sandwich* Don't you think you're pretty?
Luna Lovegood 52: *shrugs* Depends on the day. *pulls off a piece of her sandwich to eat*
mwpp prongs: *looks out at the lake* So subjects are you taking then?
Luna Lovegood 52: The usual...
mwpp prongs: right *pulls out a flask of pumpkin juice* do you want some?
Luna Lovegood 52: Yes, thank you. What subjects do you take?
mwpp prongs: *pours some juice for her* Defence against the dark arts, potions, charms, transfiguration, herbology, ancient runes
Luna Lovegood 52: No history?
mwpp prongs: No, Binn's puts me to sleep, I could have done it if I wanted, borrowing Remus' notes really paid off.
Luna Lovegood 52: Ah. I would have thought you would want to catch up on the last few years.
mwpp prongs: *shrugs* can't have been too interesting
Luna Lovegood 52: No? I thought it was quite interesting, but perhaps that's just me.
mwpp prongs: Maybe you could tell me about it
Luna Lovegood 52: Where should I start?
mwpp prongs: with the main points
Luna Lovegood 52: No, I mean, what year? I don't know where you came from...
mwpp prongs: start from '75 I guess
Luna Lovegood 52: Well, there's not much to tell from that time, other than the whole Voldemort thing.
mwpp prongs: Who?
Luna Lovegood 52: Erm...Voldemort? The most evil wizard ever, it is said.
mwpp prongs: *shrugs*
Luna Lovegood 52: He was really bad, killing Muggles, Muggle-born, and such. Basically, whoever disagreed with him, in an effort to purify the wizarding kind.
mwpp prongs: Sounds like a bastard
Luna Lovegood 52: Oh, he was one of those, too.
mwpp prongs: right
Luna Lovegood 52: So, he goes on killing people until your son stopped him.
mwpp prongs: *splutters* my what?
Luna Lovegood 52: Your son...Harry. Surely you've met him.
mwpp prongs: *blinks a couple of times* I'm sorry, I must have just been daydreaming, I thought you said that Harry Potter is my son
Luna Lovegood 52: He is. Can't you see it? He looks remarkably like you.
mwpp prongs: I-I thought we were cousins or something, some distant relation
Luna Lovegood 52: No, there is no distance. *tilts her head, looking at the look on his face* One would think you don't like him, from how you look.
mwpp prongs: *stands* What? I- yeah. I got to go *backs into the tree, turning quickly around to see what he walked into*
Luna Lovegood 52: *giggles* Watch out, they move.
mwpp prongs: What? I'll see you later, okay? *starts walking towards the castle, pace quickening*
Luna Lovegood 52: *watches him run away* And I didn't even get to finish my history.
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