James Potter (mwpp_prongs) wrote in potterfic,
James Potter

Who: James Potter and Lily Evans
Where: Hogsmeade
Rating: R?
Synopsis: James and Lily go shopping, James gets freaked by pink, back to the castle and interupted by Sirius.

mwpp prongs: *stands in the entrance hall, looking at his watch, hoping he hasn't been stood up*
redheadedevans: *comes down the stairs, a bit breathless, smiling apologetically* Sorry, couldn't find a thing to wear...
mwpp prongs: *smiles* Thought you stood me up. You look great
redheadedevans: Wouldn't have accepted if I didn't want to come, James...*takes his arm, smiling*
mwpp prongs: *smiles at her, walking towards the carriages* Where do you want to go to first?
redheadedevans: That depends, do you want to shop, or do you want to talk?
mwpp prongs: Well, I need to get presents for Sirius, Peter and Remus, so we can shop and then get a drink and talk or something, if you want
redheadedevans: Sounds like a plan...*climbs up in a carriage as he holds the door* Thank you, James...
mwpp prongs: *climbs in after her* Also I didn't know whether to get Harry something, or if that would just be weird
redheadedevans: I was going to get him a little something...I'm sure the now uses will send him something as well...
mwpp prongs: yeah, I guess
redheadedevans: You should give him something, even if it's just a card. It's the thought that counts. Besides, he's not a bad friend either.
mwpp prongs: yeah, it's just gonna be weird though
redheadedevans: Well, don't think of it as giving a gift to your son who is the same age as you, think of it as sending a Christmas card to an acquaintance.
mwpp prongs: *smiles at her* So i need to buy Christmas cards as well then
redheadedevans: *laughs* We'll get there James...*scoots a bit closer to him, leaning her head on his shoulder*
mwpp prongs: *smiles and kisses her forehead* It's a bloody good job Peter and Sirius are in detention today, they kept mentioning about hanging around with us
redheadedevans: *wrinkles her nose* I don't know that I could spend any amount of time in Hogsmeade with Sirius Black...
mwpp prongs: he's not that bad
redheadedevans: Perhaps to you...*climbs out of the carriage as it stops*
mwpp prongs: *follows her out* He isn't, not really, he just acts it
redheadedevans: If he wasn't, he wouldn't act like that...*sets off for the bookshop*
mwpp prongs: *follows her* You don't even know him!
redheadedevans: Why would I want to? He's rude, cruel, crude, and immature. Under what circumstance would I wish to acquaint myself with a person like that?
mwpp prongs: He's a good friend, loyal and funny.
redheadedevans: Yes, James, it's hilarious when he pulls his little pranks, not caring who's injured in the process.
mwpp prongs: Well it's not like you could recognise a joke if it came up and bit your arse so I'm not surprised you don't find him funny. Everyone else does.
redheadedevans: *rounds on him* Just because my sense of humor is more intelligent than petty jokes, doesn't mean I haven't got one.
mwpp prongs: Sometimes the best jokes are the simplest, haven't you ever heard that?
redheadedevans: *narrows her eyes* Simple minds require simple pleasures.
mwpp prongs: Yeah and what's your point?
redheadedevans: That your simple mind *pokes him hard in the forehead* finds his stupid jokes funny, when they're not!
mwpp prongs: *rubs his forehead where she poked him* They are funny
redheadedevans: Are not, and I refuse to stand on this sidewalk arguing with you like a five year old.
mwpp prongs: You started it
redheadedevans: *rolls her eyes, letting out an exasperated sigh as she turns from him, stomping into the bookshop*
mwpp prongs: *grits his teeth, following her* Don't walk away from me!
redheadedevans: *with her back to him, walking quickly down the aisles as he follows her* Or you'll what, James?
mwpp prongs: I don't know yet, but it wont be good
redheadedevans: *scoffs* Honestly. I could hold my own against you...*heads for the back of the shop, looking for an older Charms book*
mwpp prongs: why do you have to be so damn stubborn?
redheadedevans: *stops, close to the very back, looking over the dimly lit shelves* I'm not being stubborn. I have my opinion, and I'd rather you not try to change it.
mwpp prongs: I'd just prefer if you got to know him properly before making your mind up
redheadedevans: I've watched him for five and a half years now, James, I think I know him properly enough.
mwpp prongs: just watched him, never talked to him properly
redheadedevans: Like I'd want to...*spots her book on a shelf and reaches up to find it' just out of her reach* *jumps on her toes a bit before turning to James, her arms crossed* It's a bit high up.
mwpp prongs: *reaches and gets it for her* you might be surprised
redheadedevans: *snatches the book from him* What are you even suggesting? Do you want me to go on a date with him or something?
mwpp prongs: No, i just want you to get along, he's my best mate
redheadedevans: And what does that have to do with us?
mwpp prongs: well for one we wouldn't be arguing about him
redheadedevans: We wouldn't have to argue if you didn't talk about him.
mwpp prongs: I'm supposed to ignore my best mate, act like he doesn't exist? That's fucked up
redheadedevans: Don't ignore him, just...try not to bring him up in conversation.
mwpp prongs: *browses the shelves of the shop* it's not that simple
redheadedevans: *follows him* Look, James, I'm not asking you to give up your friends, that wouldn't be fair. But can we agree to disagree on our opinions?
mwpp prongs: Yeah, of course we can.
redheadedevans: Besides, it's not as if you like all of my friends.
mwpp prongs: Who don't I like?
redheadedevans: Bertha, that nice Hufflepuff in our year...
mwpp prongs: Bertha Jorkins?
redheadedevans: Yes, her. I've heard you talking about her...
mwpp prongs: It's not that I don't like her, we just don't talk alot
redheadedevans: *rolls her eyes* That's not what you were sniggering to Sirius.
mwpp prongs: She's just a bit dumb, you know, really ditzy
redheadedevans: She is not, she's perfectly nice. A bit chatty, but very nice.
mwpp prongs: I'll make a point of talking to her the next time I see her then
redheadedevans: You do that. *frowns, stopping, as she remembers that they might never see Bertha again*
mwpp prongs: What?
redheadedevans: I just...I forgot. We can't go back to the castle and talk to Bertha, can we? She's not there.
mwpp prongs: no, but it's not like we wont see her again. Dumbledore'll find a way to send us back
redheadedevans: Yeah...we hope...*sighs* I can't believe I forgot. Felt just like home, arguing with you in Hogsmeade...*smiles coyly at him* Like nothing's changed.
mwpp prongs: *smiles* things'll go back to normal
redheadedevans: Mmm, I doubt that...unless you want to unmake Harry.
mwpp prongs: well maybe not that much, but you know, back to our time and all that
redheadedevans: Yeah...*steps a bit closer to him* It'll be odd, being together back then...*smiles* We'll be the talk of the school...
mwpp prongs: Yeah, well I'm pretty much used to it
redheadedevans: *rolls her eyes* Something really needs to be done with your ego...
mwpp prongs: Maybe you could fix it for me
redheadedevans: Oh? *steps closer to him, raising an eyebrow* And how precisely would I fix it?
mwpp prongs: I'm sure that you'll think of something before it gets too big
redheadedevans: I could hurl insults at you again in the middle of the street...that might deflate it a bit...
mwpp prongs: Well I wasn't thinking anything abusive
redheadedevans: Oh? Please, enlighten me...
mwpp prongs: *thinks* actually it'll probably inflate my ego
redheadedevans: *raises both eyebrows, crossing her arms again, waiting for him to elaborate*
mwpp prongs: *smiles widely* Yeah, definitely inflate my ego
redheadedevans: Do you care to tell me what you're talking about?
mwpp prongs: nah, i think I'll make you guess *grins heading towards the front of the shop, a book in his hand*
redheadedevans: *rolls her eyes, following him* Well, I'm not going to do it anyway, since it'll inflate your ego. I'm looking to make it go down.
mwpp prongs: *puts the book on the counter, asking for it to be wrapped* I'm sure
redheadedevans: *makes a face at him, handing her own book to another clerk* What's that supposed to mean? *pays for the book, smiling at the clerk*
mwpp prongs: *grins, grabbing the book and handing over some coins* Nothing
redheadedevans: *rolls her eyes, taking her book* James, you know what? I don't even want to know. New topic, please.
mwpp prongs: *shrugs* quidditch?
redheadedevans: You know I don't know a thing about Quidditch...*steps out of the shop, pulling her cloak tight around her* Where do you need to go?
mwpp prongs: I need something for Sirius and Peter, and a card for Harry
redheadedevans: Sirius, so you'll want Zonko's probably...
mwpp prongs: Yeah, and honeydukes for Pete
redheadedevans: *smiles* He does like his sweets...Let's get there quick, it's cold out here.
mwpp prongs: *grabs her hand, pulling her towards the shop* It's bloody freezing
redheadedevans: *squeezes his hand, smiling* Yes, that's another way to put it...
mwpp prongs: *pulls her into the shop* That's better
redheadedevans: Mmm, much...*keeps a hold on his hand as they look through the shop*
mwpp prongs: What about this *holds up a weird shaped object*
redheadedevans: *wrinkles her nose* What's it do?
mwpp prongs: No idea, but I'm sure he could figure it out *puts it down, moving along*
redheadedevans: Knowing Sirius, he could build half this stuff...*fingers something on a shelf*
mwpp prongs: Probably *grabs another object* What about this, instant darkness powder, imported from Peru.
redheadedevans: I don't even want to think of the troubles he would get in with that...
mwpp prongs: *grabs a packet* could be useful
redheadedevans: *sighs* I suppose it could be...
mwpp prongs: *moves along, looking at other things, occasionally mumbling*
redheadedevans: *after wandering the shop for twenty minutes* If the simplest things are funniest, why not get him something simple? Dungbomb or the sort?
mwpp prongs: You know, that might just work *heads towards the dungbombs, sorting some into a small brown bag* Right, Sirius is done
redheadedevans: Right. And I'll pretend I didn't see you do that.
mwpp prongs: *grins, moving to the counter to pay*
redheadedevans: *waits patiently beside him, looking at the small things they have by the register* *yelps as one of the things bites her finger, pulling it back quickly* Sorry! I didn't mean to...
mwpp prongs: *looks at her* Be careful *smiles slightly, grabbing his purchases and heading out of the shop*
redheadedevans: *rubs her finger as they leave* Didn't think they'd have biting things unlabeled...
mwpp prongs: Yeah, I should have warned you *grabed her finger, kissing it* all better
redheadedevans: *giggles* Yes, James, all better...thank you.
mwpp prongs: Right, to Honeydukes
redheadedevans: Yes, Honeydukes...then maybe we can stop somewhere and warm up before going card shopping...
mwpp prongs: Sure, maybe the Three Broomsticks?
redheadedevans: We could go somewhere a bit more...personal.
mwpp prongs: Like?
redheadedevans: Perhaps Madam Puddifoot's?
mwpp prongs: With all the pink and frills?
redheadedevans: It's not always like that...
mwpp prongs: it is everytime i've been there
redheadedevans: Oh? And just how many times have you been there, James?
mwpp prongs: a few
redheadedevans: With whom?
mwpp prongs: people
redheadedevans: Did these people have names, James?
mwpp prongs: yeah
redheadedevans: And their names were...?
mwpp prongs: Nikki, Kay, Sam, you know
redheadedevans: Oh, yes, I know...and what did you do with Nikki, Kay and Sam?
mwpp prongs: sat and talked
redheadedevans: Mmhmm...well, if you don't want to go, we don't have to go.
mwpp prongs: if you want to go I'll go
redheadedevans: I just...thought we might have a bit of privacy in there...more than in the Three Broomsticks, at least.
mwpp prongs: Okay, we'll go to Madam Puddifoots then
redheadedevans: *smiles, taking his hand again* Honeydukes first...get Peter some chocolate.
mwpp prongs: Yeah, almost forgot about that
redheadedevans: *giggles* We can forget Peter and go warm up...
mwpp prongs: if you want, I can get Pete's present later
redheadedevans: That would work....
mwpp prongs: *grins* Com one then
redheadedevans: *squeezes her hand as she heads towards the tea shop* She's probably got it done up nice for the holidays...
mwpp prongs: Yeah, probably
redheadedevans: *bites her lip as she sees the pink christmas tree she's decorated with* Oh my...she does love her pink...
mwpp prongs: *eyes widen* yeah, she does
redheadedevans: *stops outside the door* We don't have to go if you'd rather not...
mwpp prongs: no, it's fine
redheadedevans: If you're sure...*pulls the door open, sighing as she steps into the warmth* Oh, this feels wonderful...*starts toward an empty table in the corner*
mwpp prongs: *smiles, thinking at least it's warm, and he's with Lily* There's more people here than I expected
redheadedevans: Well, it's too cold to be outside, and the Three Broomsticks can't hold all of us...*sits at the table, smiling at him* They have good coffee...
mwpp prongs: oh good
redheadedevans: *smiles, scooting up to the table, glancing around* *eyes widen* Oh, look, Harry's here...who's that he's with?
mwpp prongs: *turns around, spotting Harry and the back of someones head* No idea
redheadedevans: Well, she's got red hair...who do we know with red hair?
mwpp prongs: Weasley, and his sister
redheadedevans: You don't think...Ginny?
mwpp prongs: Last I heard about her Sirius was after her, and Harry was telling us to keep away from her... *trails off as she turns around briefly* Bloody hell it is her
redheadedevans: *eyes widen as she hides her face* You don't think she saw us, do you?
mwpp prongs: *shrugs* Who cares?
redheadedevans: Well, I mean...Harry doesn't know about us...What if it disturbs him to see his parents dating and kissing and such?
mwpp prongs: he see's it at home, so what's the problem?
redheadedevans: I dunno...*looks up as Madam Puddifoot approaches them* Oh, hi...I'd like some cocoa, please, hot as it comes.
mwpp prongs: Coffee, black, please *goes back to watching Harry and Ginny*
redheadedevans: James! Don't stare, it's not polite.
mwpp prongs: I'm not staring, I'm watching, and could you be a little quieter, I can't hear them properly
redheadedevans: *smacks his hand* You shouldn't!
mwpp prongs: It's not that bad
redheadedevans: James, honestly! What Harry would say if he found out...how would you like it if your dad was here listening in on us?
mwpp prongs: my dad wouldn't set foot in here so we're fine, and I don't think Harry would be too upset, he liked the last advice I gave him
redheadedevans: *chokes* Advice? Advice on what?
mwpp prongs: you know, the talk
redheadedevans: *puts her forehead in her hand* James...Gods...
mwpp prongs: what?
redheadedevans: *sighs* Well...even if he did like your last advice, he doesn't need it now, he seems to be doing just fine.
mwpp prongs: yeah, i guess
redheadedevans: I thought you were here for me, James. If you want to talk to Harry, go on, I'll finish my shopping.
mwpp prongs: I am here with you, I don't want to talk to him *reaches across the table and grabs her hand* see?
redheadedevans: Yes, James, I see...*smiles up at Madam Puddifoot as she brings their drinks* Thank you...
mwpp prongs: *smiles at Madam Puddifoot* Thanks
redheadedevans: *sips her cocoa silently, feeling a bit nervous now*
mwpp prongs: *takes a drink, looking around*
redheadedevans: *after several more minutes of silence she clears her throat* So...what do you think of that Potions essay?
mwpp prongs: Not too bad
redheadedevans: Yeah...*sets her cup down, looking at him* Why is this awkward all of a sudden?
mwpp prongs: *shrugs* I don't know
redheadedevans: Well...how are Quidditch practices going?
mwpp prongs: Not bad, of course they'd be better if I were captain
redheadedevans: *raises an eyebrow* you don't think Harry's a competent captain?
mwpp prongs: He's alright, just not the best
redheadedevans: And just how would you improve the team, if you were captain? *picks up her mug, sipping at it again*
mwpp prongs: Longer practises, plus I'd give advice to the team before we play, and my motivational talks are the best
redheadedevans: Oh? He's not a good motivational speaker?
mwpp prongs: he's good, he's just not the best
redheadedevans: Oh, I see. Well, As you won your first game, I'd say he's doing pretty well...
mwpp prongs: he's doing well yeah
redheadedevans: Give him a chance...besides, you'll be Quidditch captain next year if we get back.
mwpp prongs: maybe, or they might have found someone this year who they think is better
redheadedevans: Oh, I wouldn't worry about that...I thought you were the best...
mwpp prongs: well i am, but everyone might have forgotten about how great i am
redheadedevans: *smiles, reaching over to pat his hand consolingly* I doubt anyone will ever forget the great James Potter.
mwpp prongs: I suppose
redheadedevans: *raises her eyebrows* James Potter? Sulking? Are you ill? *reaches over to put her hand on his forehead, smiling*
mwpp prongs: *swats at her hand* I'm fine *drinks some more coffee*
redheadedevans: Did I actually succeed in deflating your ego? Wow...
mwpp prongs: You're the only one that could
redheadedevans: Am I? I feel a bit special now...
mwpp prongs: well you are special
redheadedevans: Am I? What sort of special?
mwpp prongs: The best sort
redheadedevans: How very descriptive. *lifts her mug to her lips again*
mwpp prongs: *smiles*
redheadedevans: That was sarcasm, James...in case you missed it.
mwpp prongs: No, I got it
redheadedevans: Mmm...*takes another sip* This is delicious...
mwpp prongs: *finishes the rest of his coffee, cringing as it's already cold* Yeah
redheadedevans: *raises her eyebrow* Oh, and what was that then?
mwpp prongs: what was what?
redheadedevans: That little *mocks his face* Face that you did...what was that?
mwpp prongs: oh, the coffee was a little cold
redheadedevans: I see...well, perhaps next time we'll try the Three Broomsticks...Butterbeer never gets cold.
mwpp prongs: yeah, maybe
redheadedevans: *reaches across for his hand* It's okay to admit you don't like something I do...
mwpp prongs: No, it's fine in here
redheadedevans: I meant for next time, James...
mwpp prongs: right
redheadedevans: *frowns* Are you all right? Did I say something?
mwpp prongs: I'm fine
redheadedevans: Oh...you were just quiet...*smiles a bit* Can't remember the last time you shut up, and now it's making me nervous.
mwpp prongs: *smiles* Not really got much to say
redheadedevans: Oh, er...well, we could try to talk about Quidditch I suppose...not sure I could hold up my end. Maybe you can tell me why you love it so much...
mwpp prongs: It's the thrill of the game really, and there's something magical about flying, not sure that apparition can top that.
redheadedevans: I've never really been comfortable on a broom...it's not as stable as an airplane, is it?
mwpp prongs: what's an airplane?
redheadedevans: Oh my...well, it's a muggle way to fly...kind of a big tube with engines and wings...*sees he's still confused* Well...think of it as a big car with wings that flies.
mwpp prongs: I think a broom would probably be better, I can't imagine how a big muggle tube would stay up in the air, I mean, brooms are enchanted to do so
redheadedevans: It's quite scientific, but the wings help it to lift when it's going fast enough, and the speed keeps it up. I think. They go quite fast.
mwpp prongs: interesting
redheadedevans: Maybe we could go somewhere together on a plane...I think you would like it...
mwpp prongs: anywhere with you would be good
redheadedevans: *laughs* You'd brave Muggle technology for me?
mwpp prongs: I'd do anything for you
redheadedevans: *eyes widen a bit* Oh...*clears her throat* Well...thank you...*smiles at him*
mwpp prongs: *smiles* It's true
redheadedevans: I know that, I can see it when you tell me. As much as you don't want to, you do have a sincere face.
mwpp prongs: McGonagalls told me that too many times
redheadedevans: *laughs* She sees straight through your lies by now.
mwpp prongs: yep, sirius hates me for it
redheadedevans: Well, it's not your fault you've got a nasty streak of honesty.
mwpp prongs: no, i blame my mum and dad *laughs*
redheadedevans: Well, it's a good virtue to instill in your children.
mwpp prongs: I wonder if Harry got it
redheadedevans: I think so...I could tell it had killed him to keep that secret from us for so long...
mwpp prongs: yeah, he was acting all weird
redheadedevans: So I'd say he's the type that prefers honesty.
mwpp prongs: yeah *turns and looks at Harry* It's hard to believe he's our son
redheadedevans: Why's that so hard to believe? He's a good boy...well, I suppose almost man...
mwpp prongs: well yeah, but the fact that we had a kid, it's still not sunk in properly yet, I still feel like it's a dream I need to wake up from
redheadedevans: *gives him a wry smile* Can't imagine yourself shagging me?
mwpp prongs: No, I can imagine that, I just can't imagine you wanting to shag me
redheadedevans: Mmm...it's not that hard to imagine me wanting to shag you....not now anyway...
mwpp prongs: *grins* really?
redheadedevans: *pretends to think about it some more before shaking her head* No, not hard to imagine at all...
mwpp prongs: *smiles* Listen, I've been thinking. Do you maybe wanna *mumble* bemygirlfriend?
redheadedevans: *leans toward him* Do I want to what? I didn't catch that...
mwpp prongs: *louder* I said *quieter* do you wanna be my girlfriend?
redheadedevans: *blushes, eyes widening* Oh! *laughs* Well...*grins* Yeah, alright.
mwpp prongs: *grins, leaning across the table to kiss her*
redheadedevans: *leans up, kissing him back, closing her eyes*
mwpp prongs: *smiles slightly, not quite believing his luck*
redheadedevans: *smiles against his mouth* What are you smiling about, James?
mwpp prongs: I can't believe how lucky I am, that's why I'm smiling
redheadedevans: How lucky you are? That I'm going out with you?
mwpp prongs: yeah
redheadedevans: Why would that take luck?
mwpp prongs: because usually you make excuses to get away from me
redheadedevans: Yes, well...You changed my mind.
mwpp prongs: I'm glad
redheadedevans: *squeezes his hand* I'm glad too...*leans in to kiss him again*
mwpp prongs: *kisses her back, accidentally knocking over the empty coffee cup, causing people to look over*
redheadedevans: *eyes widen* Oh! *blushes as people clap, hiding her face in her hands*
mwpp prongs: *looks up, grinning but a slight blush on his face* oops
redheadedevans: *can't help but giggle at his grin* Oh, James...Life's going to be an adventure with you...
mwpp prongs: yeah, but it'll be a good one
redheadedevans: I can't wait to go on it with you, James...
mwpp prongs: *grins* wanna head to Honeydukes before going back to the castle?
redheadedevans: Don't forget about the cards...unless you wanted to do one from...the both of us.
mwpp prongs: get him one from both of us if you want
redheadedevans: All right, well, then we don't have to stop by the card shop...
mwpp prongs: you already got him a card?
redheadedevans: Yeah, I did a bunch of shopping last Hogsmeade weekend...
mwpp prongs: Ah, always prepared. I wish I'd done that, then it wouldn't had been such a rush
redheadedevans: Yes, well, you're male. That's what you do.
mwpp prongs: Glad to know I'm not alone then *smiles*
redheadedevans: Let's get on to Honeydukes so we can have some time back at the castle...
mwpp prongs: Sounds good to me, I bet Pete and Sirius had a great time in detention, everyone knows McGonagall goes easy on them
redheadedevans: Well, Sirius can be rather charming when he wants to be...
mwpp prongs: besides, can't wait to see the look on his face when I tell him we're together
redheadedevans: He'll be happy, won't he?
mwpp prongs: he'll be jealous as hell that I have a girlfriend and he doesn't, but yeah, he'll be happy
redheadedevans: Well, good. Perhaps he should learn to be responsible and then a girl will be seen with him in public.
mwpp prongs: yeah, maybe
redheadedevans: *reaches for her purse to pay for her drink* Let's go on to Honeydukes...
mwpp prongs: I'll get it *throws down a couple of galleons to cover the cost of their drinks and stands up*
redheadedevans: *stands, taking his hand* Thanks...
mwpp prongs: No problem *takes her hand* ready to go?
redheadedevans: Yeah...*winds her way through the tables, giving Harry a little wave as he looks up, ignoring his blush* *steps out with James, pulling her cloak tight around her* Ohh, it's gotten colder...
mwpp prongs: *puts his arm around her, pulling her close* we wont be out for long
redheadedevans: *puts her arm around his waist, hugging close to him as they run across the street*
mwpp prongs: *opens the door to Honeydukes for her*
redheadedevans: *hurries in, rubbing her arms, smiling at the owner* Good morning...
mwpp prongs: *smiles at the owner, looking over the shelves, picking random objects such as ice mice and pepper imps*
redheadedevans: *looks over all the candies, wrinkling her nose at some of them*
mwpp prongs: *glances at Lily, seeing her face* what's wrong?
redheadedevans: Blood flavored lollipops? Who buys this stuff?
mwpp prongs: Vampires? I don't know
redheadedevans: Ugh...sounds awful.
mwpp prongs: probably are
redheadedevans: I do love chocolate...
mwpp prongs: I guess I know what to get you then
redheadedevans: Get me?
mwpp prongs: yeah, for Christmas
redheadedevans: Oh! You don't have to get me anything, James...
mwpp prongs: I want to get you something
redheadedevans: Well...if you insist...
mwpp prongs: I do
redheadedevans: Well, fine...I just like the original flavor...
mwpp prongs: okay *picks up a box of luxury chocolates*
redheadedevans: Oh, James, I don't need that many, you can get the smaller box...
mwpp prongs: I want to get you the best
redheadedevans: *sighs* Fine...
mwpp prongs: *smiles, picking up some more items for Peter*
redheadedevans: You think you've won, don't you?
mwpp prongs: won what?
redheadedevans: The argument...I'll just go somewhere to buy you a present too...
mwpp prongs: That's fine with me
redheadedevans: Of course it is...
mwpp prongs: *grins, taking a bunch of products to the cashdesk, grabbing a few more on the way*
redheadedevans: Mercy, James, how many sweets do you eat?
mwpp prongs: they're not all for me, most of them are for Pete, and there are some for Remus and Sirius too
redheadedevans: I see...it's still an awful lot of sweets.
mwpp prongs: they should last me up until next Hogsmeade trip
redheadedevans: Should? That should last you the rest of the year!
mwpp prongs: depends how stressed I get and how busy I am
redheadedevans: You're a nervous eater? I'd have never guessed...
mwpp prongs: nah, i just eat when I'm bored, lucky I have a fast metabolism really.
redheadedevans: Well, I'm sure you spend enough time running from Filch to burn the calories...
mwpp prongs: and that too
redheadedevans: Doesn't matter, you'd be attractive even if you weighed four hundred pounds...
mwpp prongs: I wouldn't be a good quidditch player though
redheadedevans: This is true...be a bit hard to get off the ground...
mwpp prongs: plus flich would always catch me
redheadedevans: Indeed. So let's keep ourselves svelte.
mwpp prongs: sounds like a plan
redheadedevans: *takes one of the bags* Come on...it'll be a long walk...
mwpp prongs: *grabs the other bags* it's not really that far to the carriages
redheadedevans: Will there be carriages going this early?
mwpp prongs: yeah
redheadedevans: Oh, I didn't know...
mwpp prongs: they run back until dinner time
redheadedevans: Well, right, but I've never really left so early...
mwpp prongs: *puts an arm around her* ready to face the cold?
redheadedevans: Ready as I'll ever be...
mwpp prongs: *opens the door, shivering a little when the cold hits* Brrr, it's cold
redheadedevans: Thank you for that assessment...
mwpp prongs: *smiles, pulling her closer* at least it's not too far to the carriages
redheadedevans: I'm sure you'll keep me warm until then...
mwpp prongs: I'll try to
redheadedevans: *snuggles closer to him, walking a bit faster*
mwpp prongs: *smiles, pointing in the distance* see, not too far
redheadedevans: *smiles up at him* Yes, James, I see...
mwpp prongs: *walks a little faster* it feels like it's getting colder
redheadedevans: I think it is...maybe a storm is coming...
mwpp prongs: or a blizzard
redheadedevans: We should get back to the castle quickly, or we'll be stuck in Hogsmeade...
mwpp prongs: yeah, wanna run?
redheadedevans: *flashes him a grin* Bet I could beat you...*takes off towards the carriages*
mwpp prongs: *runs after her, catching up quickly*
redheadedevans: *laughs, running as fast as she can, knowing she can't beat him*
mwpp prongs: *runs faster, overtaking her slightly*
redheadedevans: *slows as they near the carriages, still laughing*
mwpp prongs: *touches the side of the carriage, beating her slightly* ha!
redheadedevans: *grins* All right, I lost. What do I have to give you?
mwpp prongs: A kiss?
redheadedevans: I think I can give you that...*leans up to kiss him chastetly*
redheadedevans: chastely*
mwpp prongs: *smiles, opening the carriage door* After you
redheadedevans: *steps up into the carriage, shaking off the snow that's just begun to fall*
mwpp prongs: *shakes the snow out of his hair, climing into the carriage*
redheadedevans: *cuddles close to him as the carriage starts moving* I can do better than that, don't you think?
mwpp prongs: I think you probably can, yeah
redheadedevans: *leans up to kiss him again more slowly, putting her hand on the side of his face*
mwpp prongs: *kisses her back, moving a hand to hold her head closer to him*
redheadedevans: *moans softly, leaning up into the kiss*
mwpp prongs: *licks along her lower lip, pulling her closer to him*
redheadedevans: *opens her mouth to him, dropping her bag on the carriage floor to wrap her arm around his neck*
mwpp prongs: *moans softly, pulling her onto his lap*redheadedevans: *makes a surprised sound before rocking her hips down against him, sliding her tongue along his*
mwpp prongs: *groans, pulling away slowly* merlin Lily
redheadedevans: Oh...*pants* James...
mwpp prongs: fuck, i want you so much
redheadedevans: *flushes a bit* I...oh...*slides off of his lap, biting her lip* Sorry
mwpp prongs: *breathing harder* what for?
redheadedevans: This is going a bit fast, James...*looks up at him*
mwpp prongs: Yeah, maybe
redheadedevans: *reaches for his hand, leaning closer to him* We'll get there, James...*kisses him softly* I've just...never been here before...
mwpp prongs: *smiles slightly* Well I haven't either, you just do something to me Lily, I can't think straight when I'm around you
redheadedevans: *smiles* Oh? Of course, there are arguments that say you never think straight...but I like your version better. *kisses him again, putting her hand on his neck*
mwpp prongs: *kisses her back, shifting slightly in his seat*
redheadedevans: *kisses him lightly, closing her eyes and pulling him closer for a deeper kiss*
mwpp prongs: *pulls back slowly* I thought you wanted to take things slow
redheadedevans: Sorry...*scoots away from him a bit* I got carried away.
mwpp prongs: It's okay, your kisses just send me crazy
redheadedevans: *laughs* Yours seem to do the same to me...
mwpp prongs: *smiles, reaching to hold her hand*
redheadedevans: *takes his hand, threading her fingers through his* It's good to know the spark is there at least...
mwpp prongs: Yeah *laughs slightly* I can't believe we're together
redheadedevans: Neither can I...after all that hard work all these years to avoid you...
mwpp prongs: *kisses her cheek softly* It's like all my dreams have come true
redheadedevans: *smiles, blushing* All of them? Just to be going out with me?
mwpp prongs: Yeah *blushes slightly*
redheadedevans: *smiles, touching his face* You're blushing, James...
mwpp prongs: Nah, it's just hot in here
redheadedevans: *giggles* I made you blush...*leans up to kiss his cheek* That makes me unique...
mwpp prongs: *smiles, glancing out of the window* we're almost back
redheadedevans: Well, perhaps we can still find a bit of time to talk...alone.
mwpp prongs: Yeah, if you want
redheadedevans: If I didn't want, I wouldn't have suggested it...
mwpp prongs: *smiles* Okay then
redheadedevans: *squeezes his hand* So, about these dreams...there's nothing in there about...Harry? Or anything to do with...how he comes to be?
mwpp prongs: Nope, just you and me
redheadedevans: Doing what exactly?
mwpp prongs: I think you can probably guess
redheadedevans: *blushes* Oh, right...that.
mwpp prongs: Yeah
redheadedevans: Well, perhaps soon...
mwpp prongs: *smiles* Yeah?
redheadedevans: Yeah...I dunno, can't be too bad if we got married...
mwpp prongs: *laughs* exactly
redheadedevans: We'll learn it all together...
mwpp prongs: *squeezes her hand* I like the sound of that
redheadedevans: So...what have you done? With girls?
mwpp prongs: some stuff
redheadedevans: What kind of stuff, James?
mwpp prongs: Like, you know, kissing, and touching
redheadedevans: Touching where?
mwpp prongs: You know
redheadedevans: Well, right, but upper or lower? Or both?
mwpp prongs: both
redheadedevans: Oh, I see...and on whom have you touched both?
mwpp prongs: bloody hell! i'm not telling you that.
redheadedevans: Why not, James? I think I have a right to know, if you're to be touching me with the same hands.
mwpp prongs: Because i don't kiss and tell, especially not to my girlfriend
redheadedevans: *rolls her eyes* I'm not going to run and tell the whole school. I just would like to know who I'm competing with. Please, James? *puts a hand on his thigh, scooting closer and giving him her best wide eyed look*
mwpp prongs: you're not competing with anyone, why does it matter?
redheadedevans: Pretty please? I just want to know...curiosity and all that...
mwpp prongs: It's not like it was even special
redheadedevans: *sighs* Very well, James...*pulls her hand back from his thigh, leaning her head on his shoulder*
mwpp prongs: besides, you're the only one I want to do stuff with
redheadedevans: So why'd you do stuff with other girls?
mwpp prongs: because i never thought that we'd be together. You used to hate me, avoid me whenever possible
redheadedevans: Good point...did you pretend they were me, James? When you were together?
mwpp prongs: no, i didn't pretend she was you
redheadedevans: So there was only one?
mwpp prongs: yeah
redheadedevans: I see...Is she here? In this time?
mwpp prongs: no
redheadedevans: So all those girls you flirt with here...you haven't actually gotten one to do anything with you?
mwpp prongs: I kissed a couple, nothing else
redheadedevans: Mmm...well, alright...*looks out as the carriage comes to a stop* Where should we go to talk?
mwpp prongs: As far as I know Pete and Sirius are still in detention, and Remus is in Hogsmeade, so my room will be empty, if you wanna go there?
redheadedevans: Oh...sure, that's fine...*smiles, starting to feel nervous as she climbs out of the carriage at the thought of being alone with him in his bedroom*
mwpp prongs: *smiles, holding hands with her starting to walk towards the castle* *suddenly feels nervous about being in his room with her*
redheadedevans: *squeezes his hand as they head up to the tower, glancing over at him* Are you alright, James?
mwpp prongs: Yeah, fine, just wondering where to hide these presents
redheadedevans: *smiles* I could hide them in my room, they can't look in there.
mwpp prongs: it's only a week, and I could put a locking charm on my trunk
redheadedevans: Oh, well, that too. Knowing Sirius he'll be through the lock in a day.
mwpp prongs: I'll just have to keep Sirius busy doing other things. No doubt he'll get detention anyway
redheadedevans: No doubt you will too...
mwpp prongs: hopefully not
redheadedevans: Can you behave yourself long enough not to?
mwpp prongs: Of course
redheadedevans: We'll see, I suppose...
mwpp prongs: *smiles, turning the corner and facing the portrait of the Fat Lady* Want me to say it?
redheadedevans: Oh, sure...I don't mind.
mwpp prongs: Mistletoe *grins as the portrait swings open* Great password
redheadedevans: If only they'd put some in the doorway...
mwpp prongs: you read my mind *follows her through the portrait hole*
redheadedevans: *grins* I seem to be getting better at that...
mwpp prongs: yep, you do
redheadedevans: *teases* Well, with such a simple mind, it's not hard...
mwpp prongs: *mock pouts* that's not nice
redheadedevans: *giggles* But it gets you every time...
mwpp prongs: you know what, maybe we should put some mistletoe up here in the common room
redheadedevans: Oh? You know, as your girlfriend, you can kiss me whenever you want. You don't need a mistletoe.
mwpp prongs: yeah, but it'll be good to get everyone into the Christmas spirit
redheadedevans: *raises her eyebrows* You're talking like a Prefect, James...
mwpp prongs: Oh Merlin, I am as well, that's really scary
redheadedevans: *giggles* Going to try for headboy-ship next year? *leads him towards the boys dorms, smiling back at him*
mwpp prongs: Not really, I mean, I wouldn't mind being Head Boy, but I don't think I'm Head Boy material, too much trouble
redheadedevans: I happen to agree...
mwpp prongs: somehow I knew you would
redheadedevans: Well, I mean, you're likable enough, but I think you would have trouble enforcing rules you don't believe in.
mwpp prongs: You're sounding like McGonagall
redheadedevans: She's a good teacher...
mwpp prongs: yeah, but she rants on at us
redheadedevans: At you...she happens to like me.
mwpp prongs: well, yeah, but everyone likes you
redheadedevans: Everyone does not...*checks the signs on the doors as they pass them* Which are you?
mwpp prongs: just a little further, year six dorms, set 2
redheadedevans: Odd to think that there are so many sixth years...*opens the door slowly when they reach it*
mwpp prongs: yeah, 5 of us and 5 in harry's year
redheadedevans: *raises her eyebrows, looking around* It's much messier than Harry's...
mwpp prongs: You've been in Harry's room?
redheadedevans: I lent him a book, I went up to get it back...
mwpp prongs: Ah
redheadedevans: What'd you think, I was making out with my son's friends now?
mwpp prongs: No
redheadedevans: Oh, good, because...*gives a small shudder* No thank you.
mwpp prongs: *smiles, leading her to his bed* This is my bed
redheadedevans: I should have guessed...
mwpp prongs: why?
redheadedevans: It's the second messiest...
mwpp prongs: Sirius' being the messiest, right?
redheadedevans: I don't know...whoever's that is *points to a bed with the curtains half off and the blankets wadded up at the end of the bed*
mwpp prongs: Yeah, Sirius' *dumps his bags on the his trunk*
redheadedevans: *sits on his bed, laying back against the headboard* It's comfortable enough, I suppose.
mwpp prongs: Yeah, serves it's purpose
redheadedevans: Oh? *snuggles into the bed* Yes, I think I like it...
mwpp prongs: Yeah, good for sleeping on
redheadedevans: Is that all you do on it?
mwpp prongs: yeah
redheadedevans: *raises an eyebrow* Oh? No extracuricular activities? Even by yourself?
mwpp prongs: Maybe
redheadedevans: Maybe, I see. Are you going to sit or stand over me all day?
mwpp prongs: *sits next to her* Yeah
redheadedevans: *scoots over on the bed* Would you like to lie with me? It's not a tiny bed...
mwpp prongs: If you want me to *moves over, lying down, staring at the top of his bed*
redheadedevans: James? Does this make you uncomfortable? Should I go?
mwpp prongs: No, I'm fine
redheadedevans: Okay...*lays on her back, looking up at the canopy as well*
mwpp prongs: *glances over at her, reaching for her hand*
redheadedevans: *takes his hand, looking over at him with a smile*
mwpp prongs: *smiles*
redheadedevans: Never thought you'd have me in your bed, did you?
mwpp prongs: No, I didn't
redheadedevans: Mmm...and even if you did...*rolls onto her side again, putting her arm over his middle* You didn't think you'd just be holding my hand...
mwpp prongs: No, I didn't
redheadedevans: *quietly in his ear* What'd you think you'd be doing, James?
mwpp prongs: I thought, well hoped, we'd be fucking
redheadedevans: Fucking, James? Such a crude word...*nips at his earlobe, feeling silly and very nervous*
mwpp prongs: *smiles* I guess
redheadedevans: Of course, I suppose there's a difference between fucking and making love...*kisses his neck, pressing closer to him*
mwpp prongs: Yeah *turns to face her, catching her lips against his*
redheadedevans: *moans softly into his mouth, leaning up to deepen the kiss*
mwpp prongs: *moans, pulling her closer*
redheadedevans: *wraps her arms around him, rolling onto her back and pulling him with her*
mwpp prongs: *groans, grinding their hips together*
redheadedevans: *moans, pressing up at him instinctually* Merlin, James...
mwpp prongs: *kisses down to her neck, sucking softly*
redheadedevans: Oh...*leans her head back, looking up at the canopy, panting a bit* I like that...
mwpp prongs: *sucks harder, licking the skin* You taste so good
redheadedevans: *whimpers, running her fingers into his hair* What do I taste like, James? Tell me...
mwpp prongs: Sweet, and salty *licks her again* Like chocolate
redheadedevans: *giggles* Chocolate, hmm? Good enough to eat?
mwpp prongs: Yeah, definitely
redheadedevans: *looks down at him, smiling* That's good to know...
mwpp prongs: *smiles, leaning up to kiss her again, moving a hand under her shirt*
redheadedevans: *wraps her arms around his neck, kissing him back, feeling nervous again as his hand moves higher*
mwpp prongs: *feels slightly nervous, both of what he's doing and the fact that Lily could hit him* *brushes his thumb lightly over her breast, moaing softly*
redheadedevans: *gasps, arching slightly towards his hand* Oh!
mwpp prongs: *smiles slightly, still kissing her* *moves his hand more confidently now, pinching slightly at her nipple*
redheadedevans: *moans, pressing more into his hand, tightening her hand in his hair*
mwpp prongs: *groans, pushing his erection into her hip* Fuck, Lily. I want you so much
redheadedevans: *looks up at him, biting her lip* I know...soon. We can do other stuff...without doing...that.
mwpp prongs: Yeah, I know
redheadedevans: If you wanted, that is...
mwpp prongs: Yeah, I do
redheadedevans: *smiles* Well then...go on...
mwpp prongs: *smiles, kissing her quickly before moving to kiss her neck again*
redheadedevans: *moans softly, relaxing back onto his bed*
mwpp prongs: *sucks at her neck, lifting her shirt a little*
redheadedevans: *whimpers, pressing up to him* James...
mwpp prongs: *panting* what? am I doing something wrong?
redheadedevans: No! No, you're doing fine...*smiles at him, cupping his face in her hand* Keep going...
mwpp prongs: *kisses her again, breathing deeply through his nose, unconsciously pulling her shirt further up*
redheadedevans: *kisses him back, sliding her hands down to go under his jumper and shirt, moaning as she touches his skin*
mwpp prongs: *groans, pushing his hips towards her again*
redheadedevans: *takes in a shaky breath as she slides her hands further up* It's smoother than I thought it'd be...
mwpp prongs: What is?
redheadedevans: Your skin...I dunno, I thought it'd be rough, like your hands...*slides her hands up to his chest* It's not...
mwpp prongs: *smiles* That feels nice
redheadedevans: *moves her hands down again, tugging at the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up a bit* I want to see...
mwpp prongs: *tugs his shirt off, throwing it to the end of the bed* better?
redheadedevans: *lets her eyes wander over his bare torso* Oh...much...*slides her hands over his chest, looking up at him* It's very nice...
mwpp prongs: Well, I think it's only fair that we lose this too *tugs at her shirt*
redheadedevans: *sits up a bit, helping him pull off her shirt* Fair's fair...
mwpp prongs: *pulls her shirt off, throwing it in the same direction as her shirt* Much better
redheadedevans: *smiles nervously at him* Oh?
mwpp prongs: *smiles* yeah *kisses down to her breasts, moaning*
redheadedevans: *gasps, looking down at him* Don't stop, James...
mwpp prongs: *sucks at her skin, pulling at one of the straps of her bra*
redheadedevans: *moans, pressing up to him*
Sirius: *opens the door, laughing at something stupid Peter just said* *freezes as he looks in the door* Well, hello...what have we here?
Lily: *squeaks, trying to grab something to cover up with, realizing that James had thrown it at the bottom of the bed*
mwpp prongs: *turns his head sharply* Fuck, Sirius, get lost
redheadedevans: *covers herself with her arms, bright red*
Sirius: Looks like it could be a pretty good show...
mwpp prongs: I'm serious, Sirius, get out!
Sirius: *holds up his hands* Okay, okay, sorry! *backs out of the room, giving Lily a wink*
mwpp prongs: *moves off Lily, towards the end of the bed, grabbing her shirt* *holds it out to her* I'm sorry
redheadedevans: *takes the shirt silently, so embarrassed she's not sure she can speak*
mwpp prongs: *grabs his own shirt, pulling it on* I didn't know they'd be back so soon, usually McGonagall keeps them in all afternoon
redheadedevans: *shakes her head, sitting up to put her shirt on as well*
mwpp prongs: *worried* Are you okay?
redheadedevans: *nods* *in a quiet voice* I'm fine...
mwpp prongs: *sighs* I am sorry, really, I am
redheadedevans: It's not your fault, James...Perhaps next time we should lock the door...
mwpp prongs: Yeah
redheadedevans: *scoots down the bed towards him* I'm fine, James...just embarrassed. He's never going to let us forget this...
mwpp prongs: Maybe we could do a memory charm on him, make him forget it?
redheadedevans: I doubt he would allow that...
mwpp prongs: We could do it while we was asleep
redheadedevans: *giggles* That's not nice...
mwpp prongs: but then Pete could remind him. I could just keep their Christmas presents until they drop it
redheadedevans: Or you could hold it over their heads that you got me and they didn't...
mwpp prongs: True, very true
redheadedevans: *smiles, taking his hand* It's okay...let them have their moment...
mwpp prongs: *kisses her cheek* You're brilliant, you know that right?
redheadedevans: *laughs* Yes, James, I'm fully aware...
mwpp prongs: wanna go and face the commonroom?
redheadedevans: *sighs* I suppose we'll have to sometime...
mwpp prongs: *stands, holding his hand out to her* It's not that bad
redheadedevans: I'd rather just stay here with you...but that's not a viable option, is it? Not with Sirius and Peter still around.
mwpp prongs: They'll be lurking outside the door, trying to hear us
redheadedevans: I know...*rolls her eyes* I wish he would just grow up.
mwpp prongs: He will eventually
redheadedevans: We can only hope...*rolls her eyes as James opens the door to reveal Sirius standing there, looking like he's been caught* Oh, honestly...
Sirius: You didn't have to stop on my account, really...
mwpp prongs: *hits his arm, hard* Stop being a twat
Sirius: *rubs his arm, glaring at James* Ow! No need to get violent!
mwpp prongs: No need to be a twat either
Sirius: I'm not being a twat, you are...
Lily: *rolls her eyes again, sighting with exasperation as she pushes past Sirius*
mwpp prongs: *follows Lily, sticking his middle finger up at Sirius*
Sirius: *makes a face at him, returning the gesture*
Lily: *goes quickly down the stairs, wanting to put as much distance between herself and Sirius*
mwpp prongs: *glares at Sirius, almost tripping down the stairs* *mutters* he's such a twat
redheadedevans: *looks back as she hears someone following, relieved to see it's James* *laughs to herself, thinking I never thought I'd be actually glad to see him...*
mwpp prongs: *catches up to her, hugging her from behind* Miss me?
redheadedevans: *grins* As a matter of fact, yes...
mwpp prongs: *smiles, kissing the top of her head*
redheadedevans: Mmm...You make me feel safe...
mwpp prongs: I'm glad
redheadedevans: *snuggles back at him as they reach a landing* And warm...
mwpp prongs: *smiles, holding her close*
redheadedevans: *puts her hands over his* We definitely need to find a place with a lock...I've just thought of something. What if Harry were to walk in? Can you imagine?
mwpp prongs: I think he'd be scarred for life
redheadedevans: Wouldn't you be if you walked in on your parents?
mwpp prongs: God yeah
redheadedevans: *giggles* Poor James, did I put a bad picture in your head?
mwpp prongs: Yeah, It'll give me nightmares
redheadedevans: I'll try to keep your nightmares away...think of something better...
mwpp prongs: Like what?
redheadedevans: Like me in your bed shirtless...
mwpp prongs: Sounds good to me
redheadedevans: See? Much better dream than the one about your parents...
mwpp prongs: way better
redheadedevans: *pats his hands as they walk into the common room* Think about that then, it should help...
mwpp prongs: *grins*
redheadedevans: *rolls her eyes* Though it may lead to you needing to wash your sheets more often...
mwpp prongs: Yeah, but the house-elves take care of that
redheadedevans: *laughs* All right, fine...have your dirty dreams about me then...*smile fades as she realizes the whole room just went quiet and are now staring* Oh...
mwpp prongs: *laughs* Said that a bit loud
redheadedevans: *turns bright red, faking a laugh* Just a joke...sorry...*sighs as people return to their activities* Merlin, Don't let me talk anymore.
mwpp prongs: well, i can think of ways to stop you from talking...
redheadedevans: Oh? Like what?
mwpp prongs: like kissing
redheadedevans: Mmm...I suppose your plan is acceptable.
mwpp prongs: yeah?
redheadedevans: Yes...*turns in his arms, looking up at him* I vote yes.
mwpp prongs: *smiles, leaning down and kissing her*
redheadedevans: *leans up to kiss him back, smiling a bit against his mouth*
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