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Who: Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter...then Sirius Black, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley
Where: Library
Rating: PG-ish
Sypnosis: Harry and Ginny are waiting for Hermione and Ron, and Sirius just happens to pop up.

RedheadGin7: *heaves over her stack of books, tired and bored from just sitting at a table in the library for the last ten minutes* When are they getting here?
PotterBoy32: *taps his quill on the table, glancing at the clock* I dunno, they're late...
RedheadGin7: *blows air up from her mouth to move a lock of hair that's fallen over her face* They've probably finally realized how perfect they are for each other and found a nice quiet little place to spend the rest of their lives, snogging.
PotterBoy32: *makes a face* Thanks, Gin, that's just what I needed.
RedheadGin7: *smiles apologetically* Sorry...but what could be taking them so long? I can't sit still!
PotterBoy32: So don't, if you can be quieter walking around. What's got you so restless?
RedheadGin7: *stretches her arm out, pointing out the window* It's snowing!
PotterBoy32: It's winter, Gin, that's not exactly news...*pulls one of his books from the stack* We could start without them I guess...
RedheadGin7: *pushes her hair back with her foot, standing* You don't understand, Harry...fresh snow! The crunching sound when you walk on it, the powdery snowballs you can make...snow angels!
PotterBoy32: *follows her with his eyes, letting his eyes travel over her robe covered back* Did you want to go outside?
RedheadGin7: *raises her hands in the air, facing him* Yes! *cringes as Madame Pince comes around the book stack to their table and shushes her before walking on*
PotterBoy32: Gin, sit, before she chucks us out. We can go outside later.
RedheadGin7: Hmph. *sits back down, slumping* Where's Ron and Hermione?!
PotterBoy32: If you stop thinking about them, they'll get here faster...
RedheadGin7: *scoots her chair in closer to the table, heaving over her books once again* No offense Harry, because you're really great...but if I wasn't pretending to date you, I wouldn't have to be here...stupid's all his fault.
PotterBoy32: Is it that bad to hang out with me? Really, you don't have to.
RedheadGin7: No, I don't mind hanging out with's just...why the library? I know it was Hermione's idea, but...the Common Room would've been better...
PotterBoy32: The Common Room is too crowded and loud, according to Hermione, and if we want her help, we've got to make concessions.
RedheadGin7: *blows a raspberry* At least Sirius won't come to the library...
PotterBoy32: I believe that may have been another deciding factor.
RedheadGin7: *thumps her head on the table* He must not believe we're dating if he keeps on following me around...
PotterBoy32: Well, I don't know what we can do to convince him, short of snog in front of him all the time.
RedheadGin7: But we're not really dating, so we don't that...
PotterBoy32: Exactly my point.
RedheadGin7: I don't see why I can't hex him...that should make him go away...
PotterBoy32: *angles his eyes at her* Sirius. Go away. Leave something alone. You're joking, right?
RedheadGin7: *hopeful* No?
PotterBoy32: Sirius never gives up.
RedheadGin7: He has to at some point! No one ever keeps at something forever...he has to have a...a...breaking point.
PotterBoy32: I haven't seen one yet...
RedheadGin7: I'm not saying he needs to stop going after girls entirely...just move from one target, another...someone else...
PotterBoy32: Yeah? Maybe you'd like to tell him.
RedheadGin7: *eyes widen, looking straight into his eyes* I'm not going anywhere near him unless I really have to.
PotterBoy32: Well, there's your options. Do what you will.
RedheadGin7: Can't your dad do anything? Or your mum? They know who they are now, so can't they just tell Sirius "Oy, stop bugging my son's..." *does airquotes* "...girlfriend!"?
PotterBoy32: I dunno, I suppose I could try talking to James about it. I mean, I already did once...
RedheadGin7: *sullenly* He hasn't helped much...
PotterBoy32: He's been too wrapped up in my mum...*wrinkles his nose* It's weird seeing them like that.
RedheadGin7: Them snogging instead of fighting? *nods* It's super weird...
PotterBoy32: Plus they're my parents...*shakes head* I don't want to think about what they're doing.
RedheadGin7: *gives him a traumatized look, then tries to cover her eyes, ears, and mouth at the same time* I see no evil, I hear no evil, and I speak no evil.
PotterBoy32: *laughs* Keep telling yourself that, love.
RedheadGin7: *peaks an eye open, sticking her tongue out at him* *settles back in her chair, more calm now* Oh! Did you see this? *lifts a book, opening the cover to grab a newspaper clipping, handing it to him*
PotterBoy32: *takes the clipping, scanning it quickly* Bit off the mark, aren't they? I mean, really, even if you were pregnant, it's not really their problem, is it?
RedheadGin7: *screws up her face* I don't know where they come up with this stuff. Read the Pansy Parkinson quote in there. When was she even interviewed for this?
PotterBoy32: It's the gossip column, Gin. Don't worry about it. I've had a lot worse written about me than that.
RedheadGin7: *gets up from her chair, walking around to his side of the table, pulling out the chair beside him, pointing at the article* If my mum sees this, she's going to Avada Kedavra me.
PotterBoy32: It's the school paper, I doubt she has a subscription.
RedheadGin7: Who wrote this article anyway?
PotterBoy32: I dunno, probably one of those Hufflepuffs.
RedheadGin7: *looks at the clipping, finding the name* A um...Elenor Branstone. I don't know who she is...but if I find out, I'm going to give her a piece of my mind...
PotterBoy32: *laughs* God help her.
RedheadGin7: You should go, complain too. I mean, she wrote that you have a small...*clears her throat* and that you're cheating on me with Susan Bones, another redhead!
PotterBoy32: I read it Gin, and it could be worse.
RedheadGin7: Yeah! *tries to keep a straight face* Like us breaking up because I believe the rumor that you're cheating on me with Susan Bones!
PotterBoy32: Aw, Gin, you wouldn't really break up with me...
RedheadGin7: I would too! *turns her chair to face him, crossing her arms over her chest* *jokingly, accusingly* You don't like me anymore!
PotterBoy32: *holds up his hands* I didn't say anything like that, Gin...
mwpp padfoot: *pops his head around a bookshelf* Who's breaking up? What's this? *grins, walking towards them* I'll console you, Gin...
RedheadGin7: *suddenly sits up in her chair, eyes wide, looking as if she wants to back away* thank you. We're not breaking up. We're perfectly happy. Right, Harry?
PotterBoy32: *stands over Gin protectively* Yeah, just a bit of joking, you know...between boyfriend and girlfriend.
mwpp padfoot: Right, right, so Gin, since you're free now, you should come to Hogsmeade with me next time...
RedheadGin7: *shakes her head desperately* I'm not free...I'm going with Harry. Right, Harry?
PotterBoy32: Yeah, takes her hand* We're still together...honestly, Sirius, don't you ever give up?
mwpp padfoot: Give up? On someone as beautiful as Gin?
RedheadGin7: *still shaking her head* No, I'm not beautiful at all...I'm very unattractive. Right, Harry? *pauses* No, don't answer that. Just take my word for it. Harry and I are very happy together, it'll be month anniversary soon.
PotterBoy32: We're planning on Hogsmeade, actually...
mwpp padfoot: So you are going to Hogsmeade, mind if I meet you there?
PotterBoy32: Yeah, we do. Back off, Sirius.
mwpp padfoot: Hush, or I'll tell your daddy.
RedheadGin7: *frustrated that he just doesn't get it* Whimper! What does it TAKE?? Harry, just ignore him... *tugs on Harry's hand to get his attention, leaning forward towards him* Just erm... *a little nervously* Kiss me.
PotterBoy32: Kiss you? But you...*glances at Sirius* You don't like to kiss in front of people.
mwpp padfoot: Right. Come on, you don't have to kiss and make up. Really, I'm here for you, Gin.
RedheadGin7: *smiles weakly* It's okay. *swallows, seeing that Harry's hesitant* *takes the initiative, leaning in, meeting his lips in a kiss, gladly ignoring Sirius*
PotterBoy32: *surprised, stiffens for a moment before leaning into her, putting a hand on her waist, kissing her back*
RedheadGin7: *closes her eyes so she doesn't have to look at Sirius staring at them, trying to make it seem that they've kissed a million times before* I'm kissing Harry. I'm kissing Harry Potter. This is quite nice, actually...but oh my Merlin, I'm snogging Harry Potter in the library in front of the younger Sirius Black!
PotterBoy32: *wraps his arm around her waist casually, trying not to think of what Ron'll do when he finds out Harry snogged Ginny in the library*
mwpp padfoot: *stares*
RedheadGin7: *pulls back slightly, breaking the kiss before anyone else comes along and spots them snogging* *tries to look normal, instead of having a look on her face that just screams "I just snogged Harry Potter for the first time after pretending to date him for three months"*
PotterBoy32: *smiles down at her, his mind going crazy* *looks up at Sirius, who is still staring* Did you need something?
mwpp padfoot: I've got something I need to take care of...*hurries back into the bookcases*
RedheadGin7: *her eyes still closed* *whispers* Is he gone yet?
PotterBoy32: *laughs* He's gone, Gin, don't worry.
RedheadGin7: *sighs out of relief* Oh thank God...
PotterBoy32: At least we got that out of the way...
RedheadGin7: The first kiss being at the library in front of Sirius wasn't exactly my first choice...
PotterBoy32: *purposely keeps his arm around her still, finding he likes the feel of it* We could give it another shot elsewhere, if you'd like...
RedheadGin7: *blushes slightly* Umm...
RonWeasley32: *comes in from around the stacks, carrying his bag and Hermione's as well, along with an arm full of books*
PotterBoy32: *drops his arm quickly as he sees Ron* Ron, Hermione, where have you been?
hermione1924: *clearly angry* Ronald couldn't find his books.
RedheadGin7: *casually walks around back to the other side of the table* We were waiting forever!
RonWeasley32: *makes a face, annoyed himself* Then she made me carry all her stuff...*drops the books in his arms on the table, and Hermione's bag on the floor*
hermione1924: *scoffs* You ripped it off my arm! Like I had a choice!
PotterBoy32: Guys, come on, let's just study, okay? *sits back in his seat, rolling his eyes at Ginny, motioning towards Ron and Hermione with his head*
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