Sirius Black (mwpp_padfoot) wrote in potterfic,
Sirius Black

Who: Sirius Black and James Potter
Where: Gryffindor Common Room
Rating: R for language
Synopsis: James shares his shocking news...

mwpp prongs: *walks into the common room, face white* *scans the room and finds Sirius in a seat next to the fire* *walks over to him and sits down*
mwpp padfoot: *looks over at him from his game of Exploding Snap* What's up? You look like you've seen a ghost.
mwpp prongs: I- Yeah
mwpp padfoot: Yeah? You've seen a ghost? Well, they live here, mate.
mwpp prongs: He- I- Son
mwpp padfoot: What about the sun? It lives around here too...
mwpp prongs: *looks at Sirius* Not that kind of sun
mwpp padfoot: Okay...whose son are you?
mwpp prongs: Not me, him
mwpp padfoot: Him who?
mwpp prongs: Him Him!
mwpp padfoot: *just stares at him*
mwpp prongs: Potter!
mwpp padfoot: That's you.
mwpp prongs: that's him!
mwpp padfoot: What the hell are you talking about?! Try a complete sentence, Prongs. Just once, please?
mwpp prongs: he's my fucking son
mwpp padfoot: *furrows brow* You have a son? Started rather quickly with Miss Lovegood, didn't we?
mwpp prongs: She told me, nothing happened
mwpp padfoot: So where'd this son come from?
mwpp prongs: He's here now
mwpp padfoot: You're still not making sense, James. It takes time to make a baby.
mwpp prongs: No, in the past, he goes to school now
mwpp padfoot: *makes a face* Now? Who is he?
mwpp prongs: Him, it's him padfoot
mwpp padfoot: Him? You come up with some horrible names. Maybe we can go back and change it.
mwpp prongs: *hits his arm* him, you know, with the glasses and looks like me
mwpp padfoot: *eyes widen* Him?! No way!!
mwpp prongs: yes him *rests his forehead on the table*
mwpp padfoot: is he even related to you??
mwpp prongs: Didn't you hear me? He's my fucking son
mwpp padfoot: I know that! But he's you. At all.
mwpp prongs: maybe he takes after the mother
mwpp padfoot: The mother? Who is the mother?
mwpp prongs: dunno
mwpp padfoot: You didn't ask?! Why not?! Don't you want to find out who it is you've shagged?
mwpp prongs: I just found out I have a son. Kinda in a state of shock. It didn't register in my mind to ask who the mother is
mwpp padfoot: Well...maybe Harry'll tell us.
mwpp prongs: He's not finding out. I'm not telling anyone. We're not telling anyone, got it
mwpp padfoot: Oh, come on. I'm sure Harry knows you're his father.
mwpp prongs: It'll mean talking to him
mwpp padfoot: So you're just going to avoid him? What about practices?
mwpp prongs: I didn't say avoid him, I said not to talk to him. I mean, what am I going to say?
mwpp padfoot: *mocks James* So, I just found out that I'm your dad. I still don't like you.
mwpp prongs: It means I have to like him though
mwpp padfoot: Why? He's a snivelling sod. Let your other self like him. I mean, you must have another self.
mwpp prongs: That's creepy, two me's
mwpp padfoot: Well, it's not like we jumped two hundred years into the future.
mwpp prongs: I know, but it's still creepy. I wonder if we're all still friends, still causing mischief
mwpp padfoot: I wonder why we haven't wondered this before.
mwpp prongs: Too busy chasing girls
mwpp padfoot: Ah, yes, a nobler cause.
mwpp prongs: I wonder who she is
mwpp padfoot: I dunno. He just looks like you.
mwpp prongs: Except the eyes
mwpp padfoot: Right, the eyes. What color are they again?
mwpp prongs: Green
mwpp padfoot: Green, right. Who has green eyes?
mwpp prongs: *shrugs, his mind not working much*
mwpp padfoot: I dunno either. I never look into their eyes.
mwpp prongs: Well I wouldn't want to have kids with anyone who wasn't a gryffindor, so that narrows it down
mwpp padfoot: True. And it's a girl, so that narrows it down more.
mwpp prongs: yeah
mwpp padfoot: Who are the girls in our year?
mwpp prongs: Evans, Beka Thomas and Sally Smith
mwpp padfoot: *wrinkles nose* Maybe she was older than you.
mwpp prongs: Nah, none in the year above had green eyes, they were all bitches too
mwpp padfoot: Younger?
mwpp prongs: *shrugs* the only one I can remember having green eyes is Evans
mwpp padfoot: Her eyes are green? I thought they were brown. Huh.
mwpp prongs: Yeah
mwpp padfoot: You don't her. She hates you. Maybe it was a Muggle.
mwpp prongs: Evan's would rather castrate me, mind i think my parents would do the same if I got together with a muggle
mwpp padfoot: Your parents aren't that bad. Besides, Evans is Muggle born, wouldn't that be just as bad?
mwpp prongs: Muggleborn but still a witch, that's what counts in my parents head. Besides, it'll be weird explaining to a muggle that I'm a wizard and can do magic
mwpp padfoot: That's true.
mwpp prongs: maybe I should ask harry, next time I see him. So I know who to shack up with
mwpp padfoot: Yeah, that'd be a good plan.
mwpp prongs: so where is he?
mwpp padfoot: How'm I supposed to know?
mwpp prongs: When was the last time you saw him? I need details!
mwpp padfoot: I don't know, I don't pay attention to people I don't like unless I'm about to hex them!
mwpp prongs: *groans, hitting his head repeatedly on the table* The map...
mwpp padfoot: Relax, stop hitting yourself. You'll end up brain damaged. *look turns thoughtful* Maybe that's what happened to him...
mwpp prongs: *hits his arm again* stop saying my son is brain damaged!
mwpp padfoot: I said you were brain damaged. And him...I don't know. who's got the map anyway?
mwpp prongs: *shrugs* Not me, Peter?
mwpp padfoot: Let's hope not..
mwpp prongs: Gah, I just want to know who the fucking mother of my child is!
mwpp padfoot: Maybe you should go ask whoever told you.
mwpp prongs: Ask Luna? She already thinks I'm weird.
mwpp padfoot: She's weird.
mwpp prongs: *sighs* I'm getting so stressed, want to go for a fly?
mwpp padfoot: Sure, sounds good. Maybe Harry'll be out there.
mwpp prongs: Maybe
mwpp padfoot: Let's go, only one way to find out.
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