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Lily Evans

Who: James Potter and Lily Evans
Where: Great Hall and by the lake
Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: Lily gives James a chance after Harry tells her the truth.

redheadedevans: *sighs as she sees him eating lunch, willing to give him a chance now that she knows* *walks over to sit across from him* Hello, James.
mwpp prongs: *looks up, fork in his mouth* *speaking around the fork, slightly muffled* Evans
redheadedevans: *smiles, fixing a plate for himself* Working on your manners, I see.
mwpp prongs: *chews his foodbefore swallowing* What?
redheadedevans: *shakes her head* Nevermind. How have you been?
mwpp prongs: *slightly confused as to why she's speaking to her* Fine, other than fighting with Potter
redheadedevans: *looks up at him* You've been fighting with Harry?
mwpp prongs: He's a prat
redheadedevans: *frowns slightly* That's not very nice.
mwpp prongs: He's not nice to me, I bet the only reason he let me on the team is because I'm- *cuts himself off before he sys too much*
redheadedevans: Because you're what? I'm sure you were perfectly qualified, he doesn't seem the type to play favorites.
mwpp prongs: Because I got a new broom
redheadedevans: *laughs slightly* Of course. Your old one didn't exactly make the trip, did it?
mwpp prongs: No, they let me borrow a broom for tryouts but I had to get a new one when I made the team, good job my parents vault was still at Gringotts
redheadedevans: Oh? Are your parents still alive?
mwpp prongs: *shrugs* no idea, but the vaults still there
redheadedevans: You haven't tried to write them? Do you even care?
mwpp prongs: Yeah, but I doubt they'd still be around, I don't even know if I am in this time.
redheadedevans: It's worth it to try and find out, though. I thought it was. I wrote to my parents immediately, surely they worried when we were missing from our time.
mwpp prongs: I would have thought Dumbledore would have covered that, I mean, it'll be weird, getting a owl from your son who is suddenly 16 again
redheadedevans: *shrugs, stabbing at her meat with her fork* It didn't matter, they're not around anymore. It's just my sister now, who I wouldn't write to anyway.
mwpp prongs: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get you upset
redheadedevans: *shakes head* No, didn't know. *smiles at him* It's fine. I suppose I could understand why someone wouldn't want to find out.
mwpp prongs: *smiles* How come you decided to talk to me today?
redheadedevans: *shrugs* I dunno...decided to give you a chance. You might actually turn out to be decent, I suppose.
mwpp prongs: *grins* glad you think so Evans.
redheadedevans: What's the grin for? I didn't say I'd go out with you or anything.
mwpp prongs: I know, but you're starting to warm to me
redheadedevans: *rolls her eyes, smiling in spite of herself* I might be. Or I could be just bored, you never really know.
mwpp prongs: *laughs* Nah, I think you might actually like me after all.
redheadedevans: You do, hmm? I suppose you'll just have to wait and see.
mwpp prongs: *smile turns to a frown* Your eyes remind me of someone
redheadedevans: *eyes widen slightly before she looks down at her plate* Do they?
mwpp prongs: Yeah, I wouldn't forget them
redheadedevans: I'm sure you're imagining it...
mwpp prongs: Nah, I know I've seen them some where before, just can't remember to whom they belonged
redheadedevans: Maybe it's just me that you're thinking of.
mwpp prongs: Maybe, who else has green eyes, there can't be many
redheadedevans: *shrugs* Who knows...
mwpp prongs: *shrugs* I'll just have to keep a look out
redheadedevans: That you will.
mwpp prongs: *smiles* your hair looks nice today
redheadedevans: *looks up at him again* My hair?
mwpp prongs: Yeah, shinier, and redder, if that's possible
redheadedevans: *laughs* I see. Well, thank you.
mwpp prongs: You're welcome
redheadedevans: And yours messy as usual.
mwpp prongs: *brings a hand to his hair, running his fingers through* yeah
redheadedevans: *rolls her eyes* Why do you do that, James?
mwpp prongs: Do what?
redheadedevans: Mess your hair up all the time?
mwpp prongs: because it looks cool?
redheadedevans: Looks cool? Says who?
mwpp prongs: Sirius, Peter, numerous girls. Why don't you think it looks good?
redheadedevans: *shrugs* I think it could look better neater. Like Harry's. He at least tries.
mwpp prongs: I hate it when people compare me to him, so what if he's my s- *cuts himself off just in time*
redheadedevans: Your what? And people can't help the comparisons. He could be your twin.
mwpp prongs: My nothing.
redheadedevans: That's not what you were going to say, James.
mwpp prongs: I can't say what I was going to
redheadedevans: Why not?
mwpp prongs: because people don't need to know, not even you
redheadedevans: You might find yourself surprised by what I already know. *smiles at him, gathering her books* I'll see you around, James.
mwpp prongs: What? Evans!
redheadedevans: *looks back at him* It's Lily, James.
mwpp prongs: Right, Lily, so what do you know/
mwpp prongs: ?*
redheadedevans: It so happens that I can't tell you either.
mwpp prongs: *grabs her arm* Why not?
redheadedevans: *looks down at his hand then back up at him* Because I can't, James. Though I suspect it may have something to do with your information.
mwpp prongs: Is it to do with Harry?
redheadedevans: It might be.
mwpp prongs: and me?
redheadedevans: Perhaps.
mwpp prongs: and you?
redheadedevans: *shrugs noncomitally*
mwpp prongs: *breathing quickens* Lily, are you telling me that, you're her?
redheadedevans: Perhaps we shouldn't do this here...*grabs his hand, pulling him out of the Great Hall*
mwpp prongs: *follows, not paying attention to where they're going*
redheadedevans: *pulls him out the front doors, heading down by the lake, cursing her stupidity for letting it slip like that* Okay, James...tell me what you know that you can't tell me.
mwpp prongs: About Me, and Harry, I'm his- Merlin, I can't believe I'm telling you this, I'mhisfather
redheadedevans: *sighs* Right. I can't believe we didn't know straight off, he looks so like you.
mwpp prongs: I thought he was just a distant cousin or something
redheadedevans: Distant cousins don't look like twins.
mwpp prongs: I guess, so what do you have to do with all this
mwpp prongs: ?
redheadedevans: I think you had it all worked out before, James...*sits on the grass, looking out at the lake*
mwpp prongs: holy shit, i knew I recognised the eyes, harry's eyes
redheadedevans: *looks down at her hands, sighing* I wasn't supposed to tell you...
mwpp prongs: why? I mean, it's better that we know isn't it?
redheadedevans: I don't know. I could have sworn you off, couldn't I?
mwpp prongs: sworn me off wanting to have sex with you? Not likely
redheadedevans: *looks up at him* Sit, will you? How do you know it's just sex?
mwpp prongs: Sits heavily next to her* Well it's not, i mean, we must be married, he has my surname, and with you it could never be just sex, i know that
redheadedevans: *laughs slightly* It could have been a one night stand and I just gave him your last name, we don't really know, do we?
mwpp prongs: I would't let you go through it on your own
redheadedevans: If you didn't know, you wouldn't have much choice, would you?
mwpp prongs: You wouldn't tell me?
redheadedevans: We don't know the circumstances, James...
mwpp prongs: *slightly hurt* right
redheadedevans: *looks over at him, seeing she's hurt him and feeling bad* I probably would. He probably messed a lot of diapers, I don't feel like having to change them all myself...*smiles as he looks at her*
mwpp prongs: *smiles at her* I can kinda see him doing that
redheadedevans: Though I still don't really see how I fall for you. Maybe I was incredibly drunk.
mwpp prongs: *humours her* Maybe
redheadedevans: *laughs* You are funny, I'll grant you that.
mwpp prongs: *inches his hand closer to hers* Lets hope Harry inherited my sense of humour
redheadedevans: *shrugs, not noticing his hand* He seems pretty funny to me.
mwpp prongs: *moves his hand again, inch by inch* Never really got the chance to talk to him properly, we seem to argue more
redheadedevans: You should try, he's a nice boy. We did a good job raising him...
mwpp prongs: Yeah? *touches her little finger with his*
redheadedevans: *smiles, glancing down at his hand then back up at him, hooking her little finger with his* Yeah. He's not at all like you, surprisingly. *jokes* So perhaps I did raise him alone.
mwpp prongs: *rolls his eyes before smiling at her* Well you did a good job
redheadedevans: *grins* Thank you, James. I'll be sure to tell him you think so.
mwpp prongs: *leans closer to her* I think we'll be okay, you know
redheadedevans: *breath hitches a bit* Well...we'll have to see...
mwpp prongs: How can we not be fine? You're perfect
redheadedevans: *blushes* It's a little early for the perfects, James...
mwpp prongs: I've spent a lot of time looking at you, and you are
redheadedevans: *blushes more, looking up into his eyes* Really?
redheadedevans: ?
mwpp prongs: Really *leans in slowly and brushes his lips against hers before pulling back*
redheadedevans: *eyes widen* James...I...
mwpp prongs: Damn, I'm sorry *pulls his hand away from hers*
redheadedevans: No...*reaches for his hand, grabbing it again* This is fine. But this is going a bit fast.
mwpp prongs: I just like you Lily, a lot
redheadedevans: I know you do...But I have to get used to this.
mwpp prongs: I know, I'm sorry
redheadedevans: *squeezes his hand* We know where it's going, though...
mwpp prongs: Yeah
redheadedevans: *smiles* Don't get down...You'll get to kiss me properly soon.
mwpp prongs: *smiles* I'm not down
redheadedevans: So what are we?
mwpp prongs: I don't know
redheadedevans: Well, that's not a very good answer.
mwpp prongs: What do you think we are?
redheadedevans: Well, if I'm going to let you kiss me we'll need to be more than just housemates.
mwpp prongs: That's a given
redheadedevans:'s all up to you.
mwpp prongs: up to me? If it were really up to me we'd already be married and have kids
redheadedevans: *laughs* James! We're only sixteen!
mwpp prongs: Yeah, but you're the one I want to be with
redheadedevans: You want children now?
mwpp prongs: If we weren't in school then yeah, probably
redheadedevans: At sixteen? That's a bit young, isn't i?
mwpp prongs: *shrugs*
redheadedevans: Right...
mwpp prongs: what?
redheadedevans: Sixteen is a bit young for children. Besides, he doesn't look that old.
mwpp prongs: He's sixteen, I know that
redheadedevans: And we're sixteen now...but it's been longer than sixteen years since we disappeared.
mwpp prongs: yeah
redheadedevans: Still, I suppose we weren't all that old...
mwpp prongs: Yeah, I guess
redheadedevans: So you don't have too long to wait.
mwpp prongs: *smiles* I guess I don't
redheadedevans: *reaches up with her other hand to touch his lips* It's weird looking at you without so much hate...
mwpp prongs: You used to hate me?
redheadedevans: Oh yes...with a passion...
mwpp prongs: Oh
redheadedevans: You couldn't tell?
mwpp prongs: I just thought you didn't like me, not that you hated me
redheadedevans: It's hard to hate you now...
mwpp prongs: Now that you know we have a child?
redheadedevans: Yeah...
mwpp prongs: So you like me just because of Harry?
redheadedevans: Well, no. Now that you're not being such a prat, I'm finding you're pretty...nice. I gave you a chance because of Harry.
mwpp prongs: *sighs* right
redheadedevans: What? What's wrong?
mwpp prongs: Nothing
redheadedevans: You're lying, and you're not very good at it.
mwpp prongs: It's just the fact that you only started to talk to me because of our furture, not because you wanted to know me
redheadedevans: I see. Does it really matter why I'm talking to you? Or are you going to push me away now because you don't like it?
mwpp prongs: I would have liked it if you wanted to get to know me because of me, and I don't know if I'm going to push you away or not
redheadedevans: *frowns, pulling her hand back from his* I want to get to know you...I don't see why it matters. If it hadn't been for Harry, I wouldn't have given you a chance at all.
mwpp prongs: *stands* I want to get to know you too, but not like this
redheadedevans: *looks up at him disbelievingly* Then how do you want to get to know me, James?
mwpp prongs: *sighs* I don't know Lily, okay, I'm not sure of anything right now, you let me hold your hand and then tell me it's just because of Harry, how do you think it makes me feel?
redheadedevans: That's not why I let you hold my hand! *stands as well* I sat down at lunch today because of Harry. Everything after that was because of you.
mwpp prongs: *pulls her towards him and kisses her, holding her tight to him*
redheadedevans: *makes a sound of surprise, fighting it for a moment before leaning up to kiss him back, her eyes closing*
mwpp prongs: *licks along her lower lip, holding her tight, not wanting to let go*
redheadedevans: *leans up to kiss him again, wrapping her arms tightly around his waist*
mwpp prongs: *slowly pulls back, opening his eyes* *whispers* Lily...
redheadedevans: *looks up at him, arms still around his waist* Yes?
mwpp prongs: I don't want to let you go
redheadedevans: *smiles slightly* Then don't.
mwpp prongs: *kisses her nose* you mean it?
redheadedevans: *nods* I mean it...
mwpp prongs: *kisses her again, softer this time* I love you
redheadedevans: *smiles, kissing him back* Love me, hmm?
mwpp prongs: Yeah
redheadedevans: We'll see...
mwpp prongs: what? I do *rubs his nose against hers*
redheadedevans: *giggles* Very well, James...*rubs his back gently* I suppose I'll let you love me then.
mwpp prongs: I would if you wanted me to or not
redheadedevans: I think I'll like being loved by you...
mwpp prongs: Then I think I'm the luckiest guy in the world
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